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News update president trump's point man on north korea is in seoul right now meeting with top diplomats from south korea and japan secretary of state mike pompeo as the president said this will be a process and not an easy one stink closely aligned with the allies the republic of korean japan will be critical to the success of that outcome korean president moon jae in says his nation strongly supports the outcome of the trump kim summit japan appears to be on board as well reporter jason strother says the fly in the on may be china we can expect the secretary of state to reassure chinese officials that the us still has china's interests in mind especially when it comes to the potential of drawing drilling a peace treaty that would officially end the korean war after all china fought alongside north korea during that conflict in the early nineteen fifties cbs news news update i'm jim shanavie it's two thirty two there's word the two key spokespeople for president trump or planning to leave before the end of the year here cbs news correspondent elaine kiana cbs news has learned white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders and deputy press secretary raj shah are planning their exits sources expect huckabee sanders to lead the trump administration at the end of the year shop has not decided on a date for his departure the two exits would follow a long list of departures from the white house that seeing a higher than usual turnover rate neither sanders enor shaw has responded to requests for comment house speaker paul ryan says this republican leaders have a chance at passing a law on immigration reform the house will consider two competing immigration bills next week the measures may finally address the fate of thousands of socalled dreamers who were brought to the usa legally as children and have been in legal and political imbo over there possible deportation cbs news chief congressional correspondent nancy cortez explains what's in the.

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