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Com slash i heart Right now. It's copper. Gen. $6 Papa dear, Plus any side, his sign That side, all the sides for just $6. That's a lot of side Get $6 property and $6 size only at Papa John's dot com Wow. Big Boi's neighborhood. We're going on real 92 3 by one of five Does five. Yeah, that's a fine thing. It's fine. It doesn't But yeah, a dozen by Thistle bribe And doesn't wife? Yeah. Doesn't buy She wanted by. That's five. Yeah, Yeah. Yeah, That's a fun. She wanted five. That's a fun. This is what day night, Right? Let me slide. Five. Tim the lights. Listen, Bob. Jack, get this'd five Oh, five. Oh, God, Mr Price. Don't you live? You tripping tripping down, you guys, It's the flies Get digging me while looking at your boobs. This'd five different by. This was five out of like, Okay, So I got the ambience just one morning. And if you can't pay this solely based on your performance by Eagle was a normal like my crib in California. If you ain't got no hard, man. You gonna need a don't know? No. I said I'm from the corner of the 80. L Well, we got next lie until the boy paper trails. Brought so many bills down that I'm shell saw held so rocks but a mailbox make a young chicken turning neck. Got a five Make a Google on spending chick out of maker Asian woman. Bunch got five making tell you want sexual carbon copies that they kind I'm not probably in near a beat that beat up. I need riot gear. Any volunteers gas in us it Lord knows this loud and clear, this one added Here. This is our year. That's the time that's five. That's bite by bite. It's a tight it's a lie. Bye. Okay, I suppose I might die by maybe l spend my best night. Listen, life, okay, that's by, just ask. I always buy yet. Is that? Yeah. Real 92.

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