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I am salutes and our file foul on my somebody. They tried to imitate me but enough passed in face. Money's not beyond medium sized to do. I just want us this opportunity. Take everybody would listen to us. Walls wave where they are country. Nine and ozone sway defoe overdue boom mic. When i remember say ago enough from comb so when they put tonight is not. Es grunter well enough or comb. So that makes strange us. Nope bone to ova awhile and says style properties. We're give Follow nago here. My brother and myself is this morning. Makarios just remind us different letting a political power and tradition power. Be and how we the people supposed handle the two of them political power power. We deal teams from the people because not true election election selection. Anyway the people. And i put them damn. It is to be controlled by people. Nobody politicians could control the people. Nowadays people would control the politicians to tell them say this now wits in we want with sam again on again how they take failed because they do down agenda our agenda of a few when the benefits the indigenous people of nigeria. So we need a wet cope so mixture say we control that power with the down on to do wetting. They're supposed to for the generality of people not just for a selected few window. Also that imports come from an is maybe invite them to continue. Witten gives us Sino standish capacity was. I've tried to up our tradition apolinar power. We give us now. I bet rights. Night be caught anki voice because each and every one of us to get from you know as they do check check check check go back before the pre colonia that's pre colonial era. What's indeed grant before these people com- conquer lobby not in fact idea what we talk. Say they can't do the call loss. Luther watch audition. Com mocatta just shown Our traditional values combo. I said. now what's on i. B. o no enough is enough. I want to talk about today anywhere. So show power now. I bet try to be now gordon. Givers are backtrack so therefore now four. Ross to enforce some support our traditional rulers forgets their staff of office before stuff before politics come inside. Widdicombe begin give staff office. We always gets people where they lead our communities as ed's so therefore we need to go back to that systemic brands i land of all the atrocities all the calamities. All the guy yogi man do. It's off the hook. And and and what or goes i come on a borough mubarak demand our allie politics. Tom between side which is where. Where did june enough is. Enough is not nine. Cover your i before bascay. I played this morning. Said the scapegoat for me. That's for camotes. We most appalled traditional values in high esteem. If you know new makino now they what are so that they'll fix. The remaining things rested dowa hunt. That will use the so called political power to take colombian for themselves and yeah with france. Enough is enough. So i saw what textile this money will remember my name. Stabili ahead on my sister. I really like to go. No if i do say you hear how. Tom suppose the shop charlotte which followed the fight on fighter. No via say advertise one st. What on april package thieves wendy. Welcome everybody doing phone me program today for for. I read the number one radio station. We are you for the year. I'm life underrate. Where would they call raw materials win or the dilution. Yes my name. I ideal mark yeah. It's so they will will return by god acetate hypocrisy today and Everybody wendy mc to always listen to this program we know come here to take go spark anybody say make you do bad now. Where would feel you're open and there you go cone stand better than the kid of deceit when they around our society so now we know better and then no where to place priority. Name me the here We're talking about god. Remember this programs due to sponsorship partnership so mickey nonreligious. Baku's dodgers listen. They cost a lot to take mitchell. See this thing ritual life. And i read so one be just tell you say you won't assist by dropping something nobody will go to appreciate. I knew who would go here. So you make through to the gopher. Thank you i call. It gets right other than not say anything. But i will tell memorable. We'll greet nano matching was opposed. Might people i this new government another lane going to notch out politician. I'm not a politician writes My people do you know how much i think the way they taught me so. Now what want with that. I will ask one question before politics. Enter we get tradition. We did get traditional hits while traditional rulers be function yasuo con. What's con change. What's what's in comedy difference right now. Well can't be say. The politicians could attracting the indigenous And people of nigeria does that traditional rulers with staff of office before politics comb traditional rulers. The and get crowns the guessing where they give them traditionally for them to silken. Now you be our leader. Lido's we're the staff office from. Come on counting rule. I reign traditionally.

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