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Cherokees the president of the united states has sent me with a powerful army to 'cause you in a bedie's to the treaty of eighteen thirty five to join that part of your people who have already established and prosperity on the other side of the mississippi van buren light jackson felt that removal ultimately be native american salvation we were perhaps in the beginning unjustifiable aggressors he wrote in his autobiography but we have become the gardens and as we hope the benefactors in his second message to congress in december eighteen thirty eight van buren continued to defend the cherokee removal claiming that a mixed occupancy of the same territory by the white and red man is incompatible with safety or happiness of either but even with the removal of the cherokee american remained a mixed occupancy of the same territory slavery in the southern states was still a strong institution and slaved africans were still being brought ashore captured and transported to america and the dark holds of feted ships van buren would find his entire presidency challenged by the slavery question again when one african man on one spanish ship fought back it's june eighteen thirty nine far from the coast ship cuts its way through choppy waters sailing for port au prince pay cuba to spanish slavers don jose ruis and don pedro montanez are the masters of the ship to massive schooner there's a small rag tag crew import captain ramon for rare to sailors a cabin boy named antonio and a cook named celestino below deck in the hold of the ship is the cargo fifty three captured africans originally enslaved and sierra leone these mendy men women and children are being transported from havana cuba to plantation in puerto principe the is rough the whole damp dreary and deadly on slave ships disease was rampant and living conditions were beyond horrific the conditions on board la honest on are no different self esteem no the cook serves the slaves their daily meal to potatoes and a cup of water.

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