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Know, some kind of a pattern created by the landing of the UFO. There are explanations too numerous to list, and yet no one has really figured out what they are some lady called me the other night with one that I rather entertained a little bit. She said. That she thinks that the bug world insect world. I mean, we here we've been before we chuckled too much. We've been talking about plant. Consciousness intelligence, whatever you wanna call it bugs, insects suppose. They wanted to communicate something to man. I heard that did you I certainly did kind of stopped me a little bit. I said, well there's there've been series presented that. It's actually coming from something in the earth that nature is producing the may be it may be insects. I doubt it. I just thought it was a good guess. Yeah. It is a good guess, I think there was some evidence of that, you know, some evidence other than what we're seeing seeing these or maybe you'd like to comment on doctor Levin goods research, which really clearly repetitively shows that in crop circles that are real there when they look at the wheat. There are molecular level changes in the wheat really well documented now that can only be almost reproduced by putting wheat in a microwave oven cooking it. Yeah. Actually, pulling the crop out and putting it in a microwave oven. But even that doesn't quite produce the same molecular change, I'm familiar with that. And and I would suggest that that's one of the ways to identify whether or not one of them is real I understand some crop circle. Reach. Researchers have been fooled in the past though. And have even stated that we did the classic tests to the molecular tests, I'm not exactly.

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