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Are we talked to julie foudy she's a fascinating example of if you give people the opportunity to care about women's sports they will and and her great story of them pushing for the world cup to be played in giant stadiums they were in a giant traffic jam on their way to the metal lands complaining about the traffic when they realize the traffic was for them eliminates or it out a ninety thousand persons stadium love that story and it's you gotta gotta give them a chance emily's find the traffic when i realised for me for me and i don't think that has happened yet one day i like to tell myself that when i'm on like the cubs parade bustle thank you for coming out celebrate all our season reporting on the gums men were akbel right exactly oh that i was on the bus totes amazing to totes sacramento kings assistant coach nancy lieberman also basketball hall of famer was on the sporting life with jeremy shop this morning and she had a story about fellow basketball hall of famer alonzo mourning coming to realize the importance of title nine in a way that we often hear i remember being in his knee in two thousand that inland stay in australia and we were waiting for the winning team to come back to the hotel others doing the tv and alonzo mourning with standing with me and he had just gotten back from the birth of his daughter it was a really surreal moment he was seeking me out in the lobby and he grabbed me and he goes nancy i need to talk to you and i go along pill which wrong he goes i just had my first daughter an unnamed her sydney because of the olympics he goes.

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