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Weekdays 410 long back to download here as we wrap up and reload this week's news let me go to the text three lung text coming in here today let's go to mary mary's got most under reported story was the homeless living under the viaduct and up about that graced out great one mary yeah she says the uptown who who moved so that the nazis and she says hero after construction to begin i think it's so vital the city really put an effort into creating affordable housing especially for homeless people i've heard many homeless people interviewed say that they had a secure if they had a secure place lives sleep eat wash they could do much more if puerto rico so under reported how come you know so much about the conditions there la being reported at and i'm somewhere as i said it's more about the consciousness that we're yeah we're not talking about it as much as they eight four seven says 20s are not good for you white breads not good for you a bag of fritos is not good for you the the cook county soda tax makes no sense and it's not good for anyone three us as the tax revenue issue nothing to do with health most of the time parents are purchasing our kids please understand this is the nanny state 1000 percent i some stuff about king obama who's king louis living reload the live in the kingdom of of all all right let's get to the stuff that took us down the rabbit whole and then we'll get to these stories data remember in a will well five ten fifteen five hundred years all right so why don't we start with you kevin you said the announcement that jesus lizards coming back how lottery familiar with these i am yeah so eight nine years ago now right when i moved to chicago they reunited and played pitchfork chicago bandra area there their noise regulations there all my fair bans announced this week that they're going to put.

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