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Is a sign that the parties moving away way too far it to me is just another sign that in the midterms and and the next general they don't get nothing to run up they're going to get their butts beat that's just my take maybe of a different one eight five five four hundred savage is the phone number okay couple more items for the news that we can dive into a little bit later this okay okay ready for this black lives matter their leader and by the way i did not know that their their leader was a is a well there's a pre one of the leaders is a transgender immigrant born and raised in canada that transgender immigrate borden raised in canada who's a black lives matter leader is married to a woman who is also the copilot cofounder of black lives matter so i i didn't know that this gender thing was going on amongst the leadership of black lives matter but now they're out there saying that white privilege instead of saying white privilege which is something they have been coaching their people to say the new term is going to be white supremacy no longer white privilege it's going to be white supremacy so we'll talk about that coming up on the savage nation also also gay rights groups have come out against a controversial study that found sexual orientation can be red for people's faces so this is a artificial intelligence study used a in facial recognition algorithms they looked at thirty five thousand pictures of men and women are dating site who identified themselves as gay or straight the aai model correctly distinguish between gay and straight men eighty one percent of the time had gay and straight women with seventy one percent accuracy it's so now you have groups like glad and the human rights campaign denouncing the study is junk science and day they're concerned that it could be used as a weapon against gay and lesbians so here here's the deal folks once facial expressions are are a representation of one's heart or attitude or demeanor a temper met her disposition so why this isn't the diss i just think it is what it is in the computers are apparently picking it up brian suspend filling in uh this the.

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