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Something and I don't I don't follow I used to follow because be some things that were fairly clever there be some production numbers that were pretty cool but I don't follow anymore because for the most part it's vapid stupid and HIPAA velociraptors win awards they shouldn't be allowed the building and with the crap product they bring the love movies are just terrible hideous but last night the host and then once you are I'm not I could go back and let's hear some of this but whatever I'm single reported Ricky service and exams are service service he was the host and he took Hollywood to task on a number of fronts beat him up around that they're not connected to reality now he's he's part of the crew of course but he he made some jokes about Harvey once a rather rough Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself then they don't hear any of it this all he's he's on he's on the all right now no he must be a trump everything about said that a lot of people were very upset that he did not toll the Democrats Socialist Party line didn't come out and then Bashara trump I'm sure a lot of that one on but a lot of what he said are the critics of Hollywood they're straight up valid so now there are the means going around and I posted this is let's get a jump start on this review survey as to not copes we're gonna get him look out Ricky his older men used her to go to that cool cool at the palms meeting and next thing you know there's a read that as you get out here for awhile rather dark we get back in some of the stuff here but what's going on because of the treason treason is now all over our nation treason straight of trees this behavior will just let you know before the break that before that in the last hour that's the George Lopez is not come out and said that he will help because he said we there's a week there and flies at him the other people are gonna test if presidents did for for a forty million dollars the body on the president's eighty million and he said we'll do it for for forty so look I would look into that for the FBI I would never you and call the FBI and say Hey over Texas a posting on a bright parts right there from your face you can see the Instagram and follow up on no Mitch McConnell I give up its McConnell's number because this McConnell is the only one that can reach down from on high and can effectively block the senators from Michigan that are blocking that are blocking Tom Leonard being appointed making the cut getting confirmed Southern District of Southern District of mold the Michigan area I don't think about how the room let's say draw lines on a map and say okay you're gonna be the US attorney for this side of him anyway he's up for one of these a really good guy straight up good guy straight shooter conservative guy smart guy too and they're blocking of now I want you to get involved on that I don't care if you listen to me in Idaho you need to call Mitch McConnell's often and by the way when you call Mitch McConnell's office I've got the number here the number is were to go here we go it's a two zero two two two four two five four one is an exercise in frustration it's busy right now Washington the offices are closed then you get a message that says this mailbox is full it's disgusting so do some homework and find out how you can cut through the fog on that maybe call your state senator and say would you tell McConnell unclog his mailbox so that we the people can get through and would you please have McConnell richer from on high and black the senators from Michigan that are blocking a legit nomination there's going to be mean spirited both a vapid as hell look beaters literally stupid stupid Debbie's conniving Peters is stupid okay so get busy now you can also call the White House actually answer the phones first of costs and nine in the morning they're closed up at nine in the morning two zero two four five six one one one one and you're you're just suggesting politely diplomatically but the White House help out with the nomination of they made truck made the nomination I'm Tom water and the Michigan senators on the way so truck needs to make a call you're suggesting to mention say would you get these Michigan Sanders out of the way I want my man confirmed get busy last Friday I wrote to you the story that I feel we didn't do justice on this is my kind a new store right here some guy named Brandon Kirby of all men for Missouri apprehended by authorities in Oklahoma following a three state pursuit that mean just guys run while the one cross through state lines he had a human and what they call a bow void bovid hostage that different becuz here the goat are one two men and a gold stopped an adult video store in Missouri this is on the this was Wednesday morning last week only the driver went inside to browse the pornographic wears both the passenger and the cloven hoofed tag along the guys say that god say god save out remained in the vehicle waiting so let me let me re read that the way that should be when two men and a goat stop an adult bookstore southern parking lot I Wednesday morning only the driver went inside to browse the pornographic where's the passenger the goats stayed in the car that's how the suspect passenger woke to find forty year old Brandon Kirby wearing a mask pointing a gun at his head a curb this is the passenger in the car Kirby ingested methamphetamine and the pistol whipped the victim which is the guy in the car there although apparently spurred the goat a drug fueled assorted be difficult that's good when he the go or finally released in the creek Connor the pastor immediately alert authorities it's not they caught this guy and because he did the scene is to do some serious time in jail I mean I'll give us a first offense so it will go down this way you I bet you dollars to donuts this guy gets some kind of a suspended sentence of time served after they've taken a man whatever and walks but I would argue that he should get a good five to seven years in jail hard time I've had a pistol whipped goat yeah that would be a hanging offense weapon under service about the well I'm star was used as in vehicle tracking system to slow the vehicle down to fifteen miles per hour so they can do to you yeah so the law enforcement officers from creek a county sheriff's office says springs police in Oklahoma wow so he's been all over the place yeah three states house Oklahoma state patrol were finally able to safely flatten the vehicle's tires Kirby leapt from the vehicle fled on foot dropping the mask and the gun behind him before he was finally captured under reporting channel six news our records from Oklahoma department correction said Kirby was recently released from prison and has multiple convictions outing creek acids alme goalie of the rest report shows Kirby was one of the ice which county for second be brutal so this guy now probably will spend what weight may be was released again probably some kind of fifty dollars and then once convicted put in jail he'll.

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