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Week did did we ever decide what year that was it was in nineteen ninety eight nineteen ninety eight it's castle hot springs it's north west of lake pleasant down twenty mile dirt road and it was originally built in the eighteen hundreds and the owner at that time open the it was closed to the public and they opened it up to us for a family reunion we went out there for a day an absolutely had a blast well i don't know that you've heard but castle hot springs is being reborn so we've brought the director of marketing for castle hot springs mr steve sampson this morning talk jal this morning about one of the most historic storied properties in the entire state of arizona stick thanks a million for coming in rosie jennifer thanks for having me oh man how did you get this gig our company west rock hospitality we own and operate the hotel valley ho we rebuilt mountain shadows we also operate the sanctuary camelback mountain we're local company so you could say that this is what we do we restore iconic great historic hotels and i'm not sure i'm not sure offerings was a coincidence or not but it fits the mantra of what we do it sure does the story of the hotel dates back to well dates back way before it was built in eighteen ninety six i mean for centuries unmeasurable amounts at times it was a medicinal healing ground for native american tribes particularly yavapai and tonto apache indians in october eighteen sixty seven a band of robbers raided a mining camp south of prescott which was the territorial headquarters weren't even a state then group of cavalry officers from fort whipple gave chase through the bradshaw mountains and cottam a day later right if the hot springs they went back and word of mouth happened and wealthy land developer getting frank murphy who with a time own the congress mine which was the most heavily produced mine in arizona he ended up buying it and building it as a luxury resort and it opened in eighteen ninety six and throughout the early twentieth century mid twentieth century it was the zona biltmore was the sanctuary camelback mountain it was one of the.

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