Donald Trump, North Korea, President Trump discussed on Anderson Cooper 360


Hard issue for president trump was i think remarkable instinct that he had here and i think an important one that he had to do this meeting a head of the negotiation build that trust but when you actually get into the negotiation president trump himself if anything wants to see our nuclear forces built back up you said so himself we can reach north korea from with missiles in nebraska and the dakotas so we don't actually need to have those shifts around but the president's going to have to make a very hard decision about how broadly to to include america's role in denuclearization and if you removed the nuclear umbrella something the president discussed with me and maggie haberman when we did foreign policy interviews with them during the campaign that could then trigger a nuclear arms race as south korea and japan seek their own weapons that's a very fine line he's got a what i mean that's an important point which is that the the desire and the concerns of south korea but also of japan because even if north korea was to get rid of intercontinental ballistic missiles long range they're still short range medium range which could hit japan there's also issues japan is very interested in return of of of people who were kidnapped from japan by north korea this is japan stick fear that they'll get sold out along the way here that the president's more in the intercontinental ballistic missiles that can reach us it didn't get deeply involved in this the north koreans have been able to hit south korea and japan nuclear weapons for some time and then of course as you say the abductees a huge political issues in japan it's one of the reasons you saw prime minister obey come to see president trump last week so sort of remind him that his issues after the representative as well in fact they're only twelve of duct teas that we know about.

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