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CO dot com. WTO and 5 38. We've got traffic and weather. On the 8s and Dave dill dine in the WTO traffic center. Here are the title basin and on independence and main avenues, the eastbound freeway on ramp, the ramp that would take you on to three 95 towards 6 95 was blocked, crash involving a pedestrian at the bottom of that ramp, but on the southeast Southwest freeway itself, Travis coming in from Virginia has all lanes to work with toward the third street tunnel and Capitol Hill X it's D.C. interstate two 95 outbound rush hour congestion. Ditto that for suitland Parkway out into Maryland. On the beltway through Maryland and Virginia, traffic delays, yes, but no major crashes, and northbound from the outer loop on two 70, minor crash after all Georgetown road was quickly moved to the shoulder. You're not moving quickly northbound through Montgomery county beyond that volume delays will stick around through Rockville and Gaithersburg. And another final slow stretch of traffic heading north past one 21 clarksburg in Virginia on 66 westbound slowest between the beltway and one 23, not so bad westbound through centerville into the sunset toward manassas and beyond. Three 95 and 95 south bound occasionally slow, slowest, where you expect to be delayed down near the aka quantum one 23. North found in Quantico after exit one 48, one broken down was quickly moved on to the left shoulder, travel lanes are open. Lido pizza is square because lido pizza never cuts quarters. Lido pizza has been a local favorite since 1955 order online. At ledo pizza dot com. Dave del dine double to update traffic. Does storm team four meteorologist Mike stiffer? Our skies go racial part of the cloudy to mostly clouds and I fairly mild right now, but it will turn colder as the night goes on

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