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You wake up singing all ginned up on the last night so your mind goes into like forgiveness spin mode of remember everything up your current life so being home now and not having the jerry making memories with the two boys always day messed me yeah. There's videos of them watching me on tv. The wives may like i loved the back hall usually pulling on your hair out in the jury house like i know it stinks to go out early but one week later. I think you'd be worse off. I'll i i. I definitely agree and i said this. The entire time i did not want to jerry jerry is not for me. If i was gonna play the game is either gonna win it or up for jury juries now. May i saw when i got infected. Five piece outcomes scouts like again humi ally. It's fine. I did not want to jury but then after i lost a little bit of lilo look jerry videos like pool. It's pretty cool how long run in assault boring and time consuming being in the game because i like how real it is you know we work during the week and we get weekends off saturday and sunday. We're off. Were were going to go in the house. You wake up on saturday is game on you. Wake up on sunday. If game on every day is game on it's very very exhausting austin and you wonder even though you're irrelevant in jerry. You're still kinda. Keep her friendship. You're still trying to be friends with people you don't like and there's people in the bar house you you don't like but you have to be friends with them for the game so injure salmon. I think you can't be the you can't shut someone out in jerry just because you don't wipe down or further friendship like you you still have to play the game in jury to a certain level and that would just be a exhaustively so i'm very happy at inaugura jury. I'm good. I'm gonna go as soon the chats. Have you looked up johnny mack yet since you've been home i did. I just text johnny mack last week so in well we only live like twenty minutes apart near each other from your house right. How about y'all you hear back so yeah yes so i talked to him in florida when we're like we're all on numbers and the whole paying and one night we're supposed to go out with belt was in business for a weekend. Johnny mack was much the bar to. We're all going to hang out. 'cause i like johnny nash. Ask personality a lot so yeah. Yeah okay all right. Let's talk a little about what's coming up here on the podcasts. American ninja warrior is going on check out what attaran lead have to say about the latest episode of american ninja warrior on our behalf bob over other pups feed then we also have a oh rob brent.

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