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And crisp apple strudel. Snee- bells and schnitzel with noodles Brown. Paper packages. A few of my favorite things. All right. That was wonderful. This is what happens on the screen. Exactly. That's the only reason this is happening tolliday yanked the corner a longtime ago, if this was going out on the mothership chemical I wanted to ask you we were talking about this in the last segment of bow the all star game and Steve Bertrand, and I were reminiscent about the cubs. They Wrigley hosted it back in one thousand nine hundred ninety I think Ryan Sandberg one with two home runs and the homerun derby or something my weird recollection in my brain. And then I went to the cell was called the cell at the time in two thousand and three. Yeah. I was there. Yeah. I in fact, I have this distinct memory I went to all for the things we went to the futures game the celebrity softball game. They did a good job. They'd whole set at McCormick place. It was really cool the fan fest. I went for the homerun derby. It was it was great. Well, I was in. I was not in the right field bleachers for the homerun derby. But I was down the right field line. And I believe it was Conceicao. Oh who hit one off the foul? Fair poll. Whatever you wanna call it, and it Corinne, then into the stands where you wouldn't be expecting a home run ball and it landed right in my chest grill and some guy in a Texas Rangers jersey, maybe sixteen or seventeen at the time. Maybe a little of that the nineteen years old some guy saw the ball in my in my in my lab and got punched me over a Jose Conceicao homerun derby ball, I could go to get medical attention from the US cellular staff because he knocked the wind out of me all for that ball. So were you with bodies? Oh, well, we were young. I mean we were teenagers, and I just take a Broadway song. You think I'm going to go up against anyone? That's going to fight me. Those it can say full blown just punching the ball. Yes. Punch took a ball with a Rangers jersey on onto. I don't know who he's even begins could say did he played for the Texas ranger minute. I care about. Yeah. That's outrageous. John so angry for you. I appreciate that. Kevin. That's what I was really going for. But ultimately what I'm asking is. Is there any talk of Wrigley hosting the all star game. I imagined that are waiting for all these finishes to get done almost thirty years. Yeah. There was thought that next year would be because you know, thirty years thirty teams you figure that's when times up there was thought they would get potentially to twenty twenty but they didn't trying to think who who got awarded it. But. They're in line. I I wouldn't be surprised at all if Wrigley doesn't host the all star game within the next few years here. The league's like to reward teams that invest into their stadium. Invest into the team all those sorts of certain sorts of things. So when when the league sees that the cubs have spent hundreds of millions of dollars renovating Wrigley field. I think they reward you for it. So I wouldn't be surprised at all if the if the cubs host the all also gave it a few years here. Yeah. The time is kind of worked out for the cubs. I mean, I guess thirty years should be the gap. So they hosted in one thousand nine hundred and then you've got all the new ballparks going with what you were saying Kevin is that they want to reward the teams that even built the new ballparks while starting in nineteen or what to get you got an old new Comiskey in ninety one. And then you get a Camden in ninety two. And then all the other ballparks come after that, then you had to go through all those right now, we're seeing a new wave of some new ballparks Atlanta. I know Miami just built there's a couple of years ago. And so I guess it just makes sense that you just haven't got a wait your turn. Yeah. Cleveland gets it this year than L A dodgers stadium in twenty twenty. Oh, maybe twenty twenty one. Yeah. Maybe maybe alternate American national or do they do they get rid of that practice a few years ago? Well, it hasn't been back and forth because it was it was DC last year Miami of the year before that San Diego in Cincinnati. So four straight years the National League team. So this'll be the first AL team. And kevin. I don't know if you feel this way because it was just coming off of walnut. Just coming up a bare season. Obviously, you know, we walk around on.

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