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That there's no romantics in it at all and i think in this day and age that we are so far detached from that from the from the real pain and the ugliness violence and war and that when we see it romanticized on tv that we get an improper picture of what it really is i think we've made a lot of these serious issues something romantic something for pure entertainment right not turning to the news at a few minutes during the day most times right to check in we're usually let's see what the worst thing that happened today but let's my socks blown off while yeah and we wanna keep up on everything we've got the bombings that are happening in austin right now and and everybody's tuning in to see who what blew up next let's here the the latest update on what's happening it's limited they don't live in austin doesn't matter right it's a it's a need to feed whatever this this carnal desire is for us to to to see the it's the same thing traffic accident on the side of the road everybody's got a chicken neck right because there's this desire to feed some sort of karnal urge to see that type of death and destruction thing it's a guilty pleasure and wave it might be and what i'm what if i can bring this back around i think that a big problem today is the fact that we have not experienced a lot of this pain but we see a lot of it romanticized and promoted on in movies and television as though it's something cool and exciting and that over time that does feed into or mentality again i i'm clearly a doctor with a degree in psychology and capable of analyzing social you know the social construct of humanity so listen to me but if you choose not to recognize that the truth is i don't really have any idea what i'm talking about i'm just taking a look at the world in general and trying to here's a thing i know a lot about how people work because of is required for me to know it or to sell and market what i do so i read a lot of books on persuasion a lot of books on for lack of a better term manipulation a lot of people like the terminator.

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