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So in 1975 I started I was 11 year old kid and these two rookies, Jim rice and Fred Lynn came in and I'm like, oh my God, I love these guys and so I became a Red Sox fan. Then I was exposed fan and then the G scheme and it just seemed every layer of it gave us one more reason to cheer. And so way back to auto velez in the first blue. It was like when you guys had it, it was like, it became on the front page of everything. It's really cool. And I wondered, like, managing that, the notice it, or you just get stuck doing what you're doing day to day. No, you definitely notice it. You know, I mean, heck, you got a whole country, you know, behind you, you know, one team up there and when we went out west, the special Seattle. That's when you really noticed. That whole stadium, and we traveled good in the U.S., too. But you know, you get caught up in your grind, you know, when you've got the daily stuff of the team. But you go outside, I mean, it's definitely noticeable, you know? And whether you're in Yankee Stadium or Fenway. So are you still a Red Sox? Guy? Well, you know what? It was more fun when they were not winning. It was actually kind of like, this is our team that never wins, and it was kind of fun. And then they won the four times, and I'm like, yeah. And not just watching anymore. And they're like, oh, they lost again. You know, my mom and dad are both born and raised in Boston, right? But then I joined the military. That's how I ended up in Texas. You know, I tell everybody, you know, I got that pasta blood run through me. That's the asshole, you know? Could ever happen was when they finally won it because now they got nothing to bitch about. I say that all the time. Joining us here on The Rain drags hockey podcast and John before you join us ray and I and

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