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Thank you that I know that you. Don't know this I'm gonna tell you something that I know that. You don't know that's a Little Richard. To that's roller Richard came from before you, heard long tall Sally or Lucille that's little. Richer right there so in the current went back and grabbed all a lot of that stuff get. Rich quick way cool and. Little Richard snake what he got from a guy named s Carita I'll let you do the. Homework on that I'm theraworx welcome to. On the edge so glad you. Could join me I'm going to. Get deeper into the stuff on Monday but I want to share something with here I received behind, the scenes inside the fuel. Baseball secret handshake fact probably what they found. Out the stuff is being give out given, out they'd probably try and fire the, person doing so I'm not going to name them but these are. These are things that teachers have. To go, through it's called professional learning professional learning in. Fact what's the date here. Today is twenty four so that's three days out it's going to take place on the twenty seventh through the twenty eighth teachers are coming back to school and they're getting ready to get in front of students. And act like they, know what, they're talking about students aren't fooled in, they don't but they're going, to try their best but listen to this This is the teacher training part of it again this is where the teachers go to this or else they then that's going. To classroom and teach, the kids, this is think facilitated by Michigan State. University Michigan State University The session is called. I, can switch my language but I can't switch. My, skin what yeah it goes on I can switch my language but I can't switch my skin cultivating racial and. Linguistic diversity in e. l. a. and social, studies classrooms now WT f. Isn't it kind of, a run on sentence I, mean I know I'm fully capable run? On, sentences but should. People would actually are supposed, to know what they're talking about and say English class do that I don't know then the facilitators are. Redacted I love it redacted disgrace because the person who. Gave me this doesn't want anybody out of drag it the description Newark Chappel engaged practitioners and critical, conversations and challenges Simpson's about number one I ready, for this what constitutes standard English who sets the. Standards for who is marginalized and who privileged by these decisions let that sink in, the questioning just to not just a, common, sense, of we? Are speaking English but you know what you're not doing. It right, because you you are bullying you have white, privilege you need to be put in a corner with a dunce cap on number, two what is the. Relationship between language. Race identity power and inequity In other words let gutter speak just rule because. If you don't you will be a white privilege bastard number three how to language, ideologies social attitudes and monolingual approaches to, language, and, language instruction Impact learning now let's let's let that. Sink, in, for, second what is monolingual me what that means is going, to stand, up and say this is, the way. We're, supposed to speak I'm going to correct you if you don't do so yeah yeah that's what teachers do, by the way. To language ideologies social attitudes monolingual approaches to language instruction. Impact learned now these, see how they twist and turn the heads of, these young teachers already doing it in. Education schools, which is disgusting but, this now there's more to the to and secondary but Today on Facebook I saw a post were Betsy DeVos who's the secretary of education is I guess the way it was worded as Betsy DeVos is thinking about she's considering allowing states to use money. From the department of education grants are? Money, given out to states by of education allowing. Them to use them? To purchase firearms in other words put in a security, force in the school now right off the. Bat I I don't know if anybody else picked up. On, this, maybe you did spy hearing that but what's wrong with, that the, Betsy DeVos is considering I'll, tell you. A, lot allowing when did we ever get to a point where the norm is that the federal government or, some department therein. Can allow us to do something how has that ever, happened Insanity This ain't my America America. Baby this is not America the way it's supposed to be part of education should be allowing you to do. Anything as a matter of, fact department of education would be burned to the frigging ground the that's the one thing where Ronald Reagan really dropped. Ball he should've gone what he he was going to get rid of and, didn't and it just came about in the presidency before his. Now he was at one point going to get rid of. It I, said, yes and what you should, do you should have gone over. There He should've put police crime scene tape across. The door and then he, should had armed guards posted at the entrance and said nobody comes up this building and then he should have had. It demolished on television just a controlled demolition and then they should have gone, in salted the earth on which it stood there still time. To do that I don't get that done this time around. Because right, now. We've got a silent coup. Running through the streets of America They're trying to take down our president and it's looking like they're getting a pretty good grip on it It's probably not gonna, play out such that he's going to Donald Trump will be impeached or kicked out of office anytime soon but they're gonna make everybody's life miserable going into the next election cycle and. Passed it because nothing will get done other than a. Lot of screaming and yelling wailing gnashing of teeth you're on the edge soft turn of bump music Friday Two Have.

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