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Into high. Now gives me more ready to go give her really important about that is I one I saw that. I was I was actually very much impressed. You know, it's funny because well, thanks. Yeah. We're good. Let's so let's talk about this game. They were just talking about Dexter Williams. Dexter Lawrence being out of this game. Obviously that was a key. We talked about last week. I thought it would make an impact, but Mike you've really been looking at the other side the other way the defensive line of Alabama against the offensive line of Clemson. And why that's such a key matchup in this. What stands out to you? Yeah. I think what you saw from Clemson against Notre Dame. The one thing the final score, obviously is going to show. You is that people said Clemson dominate this game. If you look up front one area, they didn't was clemson's offensive line versus Notre Dame's defensive line and particularly in the middle of clemson's offense of line. And so when you think of that now in Alabama side, you think Quentin Williams probably the best player in college football the best lineman in college football number ninety two in the middle for Alabama. And what he did such a great job of against Oklahoma was getting penetration right up the middle. That's really been his MO. He's a guy that's gonna knife upfield and cause problems in your offense. So I think especially on passing downs. You've got a young quarterback. And what do we always say pressure on a quarterback? Space is a nightmare. But especially a guy who now that Alabama doesn't have to worry about it being Cuyler Murray breaking contained and running around, and it's just Trevor Lawrence who still athletic enough, but not the same set of gifts. I think that really becomes an area where if you're going to have to figure out creative ways to try and mitigate that rush, and they weren't able to do it Notre Dame when they were able to get home last week was effective. And I think Alabama can hold up better on the back end against clemson's receivers that Notre Dame was able to well, one of the keys as much as you. And I have mentioned that look this isn't more spread out more points where we're seeing a more dynamic offense. And we want to talk about Trevor Lawrence NTN and the running game for Clemson is huge key to how they actually run their offense. I'm not sure that it's going to be able to get anywhere. They're not going to be able to get a lot going running the football. And if they can't get things going running the football. It puts you in a really bad spot with a true freshman quarterback. That's out there trying to make something happen. I mean, that's the uneasy part of the matchup. But that's the part that Clemson feels a lot better about after. For the Notre Dame game. Because that was another thing. Notre Dame's defense did a fairly good job stuffing early in that game before the score got out of hand you break that late big run. And it was Trevor Lawrence who was putting the ball all over the place was giving their receivers chances to make big plays down the field. They won that game on the back of big plays and deep plays in the middle of the field and the passing game. Can they manufacture that again can Trevor Lawrence on another big stage with this opportunity? Make those big plays in big time throws under a bit of duress because he's going to be pressured that much I can pretty much after seeing the semi final game guarantee for him. So things we learned from the Notre Dame game as you look back on it. Because the guys were mentioned in earlier what Dexter Lawrence being out, man. I expected that was going to have a huge impact given Notre Dame's ability to run the ball. And given the fact that Clemson came in with the best stat line in the country when it comes to shutting down the run they were still able to sort of impose their will, do you think they can have that same sustained level of success against Alabama? One guy short. This to me is the deciding match up of the game because clemson's defensive line overwhelming. Strength sacked the quarterback an unbelievable rate this season and Dexter Lawrence. Wasn't really that guy necessarily big body. Great in the middle for the run great for depth. And all these things it Christian Wilkins is the guy that I really think has to have a monster game clown Farrell. Their defensive end was the best player on the field in that semifinal game against Notre Dame. I thought a lot of instances listen,.

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