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Something about a baseball championship that gives everybody Some kind of life perspective, and they think back to when they first learned to play baseball and who they were around their family's reaction and who was on the Dodgers and when they first became aware of the team, and it is a special thing on by the way, I love the the multi generation Of Hispanic fans, the the grand kids, the kids, the grandpas, the uncles, the aunts. They've all gone 32 years watching it at home. You know, going to the ballpark when they can, and they get emotional when they talk about. I heard a young woman I remember a first name or last name was Lopez, and she got emotional because she lost her mom two years ago, and her mom was the biggest Dodger fan. She starts to add their stories like that. Yeah, stories like that all around the city. I mean, literally every single person, uh, you know, starts to think about it, and you know, it's It's pretty wild. You know, people want something to commemorate that by and and I get it, you know, So you had one thing That's really cool because of the Latino fan base, and it's not just Mexicans. I mean, it's it's all people from El Salvador, Guatemala like all over But we had two pitchers born in Mexico, Spanish speaking guys Mexican heritage who knew each other in high school, who both pitched in Game six of the world. Siri's odious and Gonzalez tto help win for the Dodgers. Do you think about Fernando mania? And if you have a sombrero, throw it to the sky and all that, and you think about you know the Latin heritage in our town. What the Dodgers mean and that we had to Mexican guys pitching and the and the World Series clinching game is pretty magical. I didn't hear Rick Monday say that yesterday was it was it, Charley Steiner Rick Money said yesterday. I said, What if you have a sombrero? Throw it to the sky? No, I think they talked more about Carney tests. I think they went in a more of a Carnitas. Obviously, that was Vin Scully when Fernando Valenzuela pitched that no hitter but a really pretty coming on giant stud and I'll be listening tomorrow. I love the program. Well, I'd love to stay, but I gotta go. I gotta go. But I'd love to stay all right, well, next time, but I'd love to do is stay will be a next time, but well, I hope so. God help us all Not getting key for any of us Know, new buddy. You're the best I say. Hey, everybody over there! Kaylie Seaman! Alright, We're it's Conway. Shall we live on a fine morning, don't you? Chargers football player has tested positive for covert 19 and is in quarantine. Netflix is about to charge more for it. Streaming service and 60.

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