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It is ten 40. A guy with a machete attacked three New York City police officers this weekend, according to investigators, it happened steps away from where the ball dropped in Times Square, WCBS TV's John Diaz has more. About the New York man. The New Year's Eve attack on three police officers in Times Square now spanning from New York City to Maine, where police say the suspect 19 year old Trevor bickford is from investigator spent much of the weekend searching his family home with the FBI, taking the lead. And I want to be clear that the FBI through the joint chairs and task force is working very closely with them to determine the nature of this attack and we will run every lead to ground. The teenager was recently placed on an FBI terror watch list because his aunt reported he had been radicalized online and expressed a desire to travel overseas and fight with Islamic extremists. Ten 41, D.C. end of the year with 203 homicides, a number is down from 226 and 2021. The city's police chief Robert Conti says there have been an overall 7% drop in violent crime in D.C., but admitted the downward trend does little to comfort the families of those who lost their loved ones. Conti says over and over, we see people turning to illegal guns to commit acts of violence. It is completely unacceptable and must stop now his words. He says, while the year marked a record number of illegal gun retrievals and continued use of intelligence led policing strategies and a focus on community policing, nothing he says matches up to the power of the community and helping to solve violent crimes. Ten 42 at WTO P and let's shift gears here to something fun. Each week we have our pet of the week from the humane rescue alliance. Joining us this week, Sam Miller, to tell us about huggy, what can you tell us about huggy Sam and thanks for being here, happy new year. Yeah, happy new year and good morning. Huggy is a three year old boxer mix who's been described as a very goofy pup by his foster mom. He came to HRA as a stray who was skinny and bashful, but he's blossoming into a happy and healthy pup who will snuggle at any opportunity, really living up to his name. Oh, this picture you sent to with him in the bear in his mouth. So cute. So this guy, how does he do a cat? Well, we're pretty sure he could be besties. He's still mastering the art of charming cats. But he hasn't met the right one just yet. But he does enjoy the company of other dogs too. All right, well, tell us, how do we check him out? You can learn more about huggy at humane rescue lines dot org, and as added bonus, his adoption fee is waived, along with all dogs over 40 pounds through Thursday. Awesome. What a better way to start the new year than with a new pop, right? Absolutely. Our new cat and you guys got a lot of animals down there. So you can go down there. Many to choose from. Oh, for sure. All right, well, thank you, Sam really appreciate it. Thank you. All right, Sam Miller with the humane rescue alliance. It is ten 43 at WTO P and just ahead. Why newly elected congressman is being told to consider resigning before being sworn in. That's coming up. Sports just ahead as well. Dad, word on the street is that you're retiring. Elena, you know me pretty well. Do you think I'm retiring? Not a chance. I am cutting back, but I am not leaving rocky gorge. Nothing is more fulfilling to me than taking care of people's pets and hearing about their lives and families. When I took over from doctor Morley, people were worried, but he knew, just like I know with doctor pasok, doctor apa bam, Rainer and the other partners that change is the only constant in life. And they will make rocky gorge even better than it was before. I'm glad, and although mom loves you, I'm not sure she's ready for you to be home all the time. I can't say I blame her from everyone at rocky gorge. Thank you for trusting your pet scare to us for the

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