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Advertise I can see the the Amazon prime guy delivering machine guns to efforts by neighborhood really run back to his truck a good idea that's a fascinating call Hey thanks for joining us rich appreciate it okay yeah have a good day ten thirteen W. GM John of the coyotes are moving back to the city maybe they're not bothered by the high taxes like the rest of us are that explains the difference now I don't understand it either Brian you're on WGN radio look we do for you Brian you're on the air some years ago as well in the house in wood ridge repair of Eric in the cider house I didn't ever really secure exactly woke up one morning and ate Kaylee had not gore won the garbage can I was sitting in one of our patio chairs Ian Strachan like with a box care Seattle thank you to see it god bless them you know more power to you Mister coyote if you can figure that out of there we we had a flat roof of our front door and a little fall morose chisel records called in and they were living in a roof for awhile yeah there was not on they don't want that Hey thanks for the phone call it will occur it was shocking you have to look at my carry ons year right right check a bucket of KFC thanks for the call ten fourteen by the way we talk about jeopardy in the tournament of champions we will this week as we follow James holds our and then that the other two guys bread writer is the guy who won twenty years ago isn't doing so well they split so far whole tower one last night and then Jennings one the night before it's the best of seven so they've got to win three so whole towers one one if he wins tonight tomorrow night and it's over but it could go much longer than that because it's a best of seven history of playing the scores one one zero ten fourteen on WGN will your child be.

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