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Our system and i won't judge you for it because you deserve something better than the life you're living but unless you're willing to take action you're doomed to keep repeating the same problems over and over again and women man i don't even know how to address what you must go through in these situations there's one time in my life with an ex girlfriend her name was melissa melissa listen i were down in florida on vacation and we had been drinking and we were out in and back at a hotel and she started crying and all these things i went and i wasn't mad at her i wanted her to stop crying like it didn't make sense see she was so dramatic and so over the top of which he was doing i remember going into the bathroom where i thought she was hiding pigro buyer by your shoulders and saying like stop like it's okay we're going to be fine like this is not that big of a deal and she was so petrified in that moment that i was going to become aggressive or striker or she felt scared and i felt like the biggest asshole on the planet 'cause i was never my intention i'm not an aggressive person by nature by remember seeing the tear in her face and feeling how small made me feels a man really is a human being like that i was able to elicit that much tear another person catastrophic but women and understanding what most now we're able to talk through that and have further conversations so i can understand what was going through her mind in that moment that's the best rumor reference that i have and lord knows i would never strike anybody let alone a woman and certainly didn't strike melissa but this was a real event that went on there was a real time where i can't even say things got carried out of hand but a little bit i remember smacking table because like she just wouldn't stop yelling didn't even know in why she was yelling i'm sure there was some reason i'm sure she had complete validation as to why she was young but i remember like putting my hand on smacking the table and my hand was wide enough and big enough that it either dented or broke this little concrete stand in the hotel room and it just got escalated quickly and really for no reason that's something that i'm proud of it's not like i said we are relationship lasted many months after that and i certainly would never strike her or anybody else but these conversations that we had afterwards helped me understand how fragile that balance of power really is is he in that moment melissa really felt defenceless here i am two hundred point probably eighty five pound man six one six two around this five to five three hundred ten pound little girl little woman i mean she she was a woman of course but and she just felt helpless i have to magin that what you feel like there's no way out but if you're unfortunately if you're fortunate to have children but unfortunately that you're in a situation where children are involved in this how do you get the children out safely how do you make sure that your safe in that they're safe in that the man that's potentially threatening you're abusing you can't harm them or you because if he's done it before without being provoked then what would make it seem like he wouldn't do it once you go to leave the best thing i can say to that you have to do what you have to leave you have to get your kids and protect them you have to end up being the alpha for your family and that's choice you have to remove everybody from the the craziness that's going on there whether trends whether it's family whether.

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