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America transaction fox business invested the centers for disease control warning do not heat romaine lettuce grown in Salinas California or any room a lot isn't labeled the show where it was grown there been several cases of food poisoning tied to romaine lettuce well that it doesn't be of three dozen people that is second to eat coli contamination is suspected the Pentagon says the number of military sites contaminated with dangerous chemicals is growing there called forever chemicals they don't break down and threaten human health the defense department says an effort to find contaminated locations as uncovered more sites wasn't clear how many places are currently under investigation more than four hundred sites are previously identified as being infected with chemicals Houston fire fighting foams this isn't secretary defense as the additional locations will be announced after their numbers and locations are verified in Washington Rachel Sutherland box six chances of a Russian flag flying at next year's Olympic taking a potentially lethal hit Friday the world doping agency recommending that Russia be declared non compliance for tampering with data that was supposed to help bring the prior cheating episode will close process could end with Russia being booted from the upcoming Tokyo games two brothers former friends of actor jussie Smollett pushing back a lawsuit he's filed against them a lawyer for able in the old of Austin Dario see just a small **** lawsuits naming them police superintendent Eddie Johnson and the city of Chicago over small let's economic harm and emotional stress lacks merit that the brothers were open and honest to prosecutors that small and paid them three grand via a check to beat up Smilax their former friend in January celeb later claimed a racist homophobic attack by supporters of president trump the city suing small led to recoup investigative costs over what they later deemed a hate hoax in Chicago Jeff men also fox news and The New York Jack Callahan this is fox news from the cremation society of Minnesota weather center mostly clear in mid twenties to start your Saturday and sunshine for the weekend highs in the low forties a few more clouds around forty for the high on Monday some rain and snow Tuesday I'm meteorologist maze Michael's on Twin Cities news talk am eleven thirty it's twenty four right now fox news updates every half hour Twin Cities news talk dot com the following program was pre recorded in the views expressed do not necessarily represent those of this station or its management today's show is provided.

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