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Join now and save up to twenty five percent off your first year. Just go to lifelock dot com slash stuff that's lifelock dot com slash stuff for twenty five percent off guys bobby bones. I host the bobby bones show and I'm pretty much obviously because I wake up at three o'clock in the morning a couple of hours later I get all my friends together and we get into a room and we do a radio show. Wish you're alive. We tell our stories. We try to find as much good in the world possibly can and we looked through the news of the day that you'll care about also your favorite country. Artists are always stopping by to hang out and share their lives and music too. So wake up with a bunch of my friends. I Ninety eight point seven W. MCI in Washington DC or wherever the rotates you on the iheartradio APP. So here's some more examples of the the lack of respect in here sort of thing. The irony is he got nothing but respect from his peers throughout his career. But outside of that though is still just doses peppered throughout his life and examples of times where he didn't get any respect like when he sued. Star magazine They published a story about him. Being Las Vegas. Said he would drink like Tumbler. Falls of vodka and smoke pot all day long and do cocaine which was all completely true but he knew that they couldn't prove it so sued them for libel and the court ruled in his favor right. Yeah so that's respect right. So they awarded him one dollar for his damage to his reputation. And one dollar for personal discharge. The judge went. Yes sorry livestream. People realize it's our kind he did. He did get awarded. Forty five thousand dollars for presume damages and I did a little more research today on that he apparently salute all and Kokin Week. Apparently Star magazine showed that they didn't turn a profit so he couldn't go after him. You couldn't appeal for more money right. So he tried to go after their parent company and it went all the way to the Supreme Court said you. You didn't start the suit that way. So He'd been worse now base right. Yeah no respect and even death as we mentioned earlier. Rodney dangerfield dead. Why didn't I know that I have an example for you? Hold on before he dies. He was on Howard Stern the year he died and since I watched that interview. Man That's depressing. He's eighty one and he's clearly like at that store but he still has his his sense of humor about him. But somebody called in to Howard Stern and said Hey Rodney. It's Bob Hope or see in fifteen minutes in Howard. Stern is like well. That's not funny Bob. Hope is dead so they were saying like Bob. Hope was calling from behind the grave and see Rodney Dangerfield and fifteen. And if you can't get respect from a caller on the Howard Stern show where this is actually in that interview which is like forty five minutes long and it's completely depressing so don't watch it. But not just because he was old but Howard's trying to talk to him about his childhood and stuff and he'd just written his autobiography really just laid it all out there like alluded to the rough life that he'd had an interviews and stuff like that but he published this book right before he died and it was. It was rough. Well I think the saddest thing to me about his mom was despite being completely neglected emotionally and getting no love at all as a child. He still wanted to be like a good kid. He still worked to support her and like apparently came home and showed his report card. He worked hard to get good grades. She wouldn't even look at it she just like signed it without looking and that was the saddest part is he still sorta defended her in that interview Like right before he was he was dying any made up with his dad before his dad died. Apparently even though he never saw him he said he forgave him for all that stuff. Oh yeah yeah really sad stuff though. You want to hear some more jokes. Actually when tell how he died well in this interview in this interview? He's telling Howard Stern Howard Stern's like he's about to go in for for the should I pretend there's not a siren background. He's going in for surgery and Howard Stern and asks him like. Are you afraid you're going to die? And he goes. You know what dying in surgery would be the best way to go like I would go to the drug me up a go to sleep and then it just wouldn't wake up. That's like as good as it gets right so he goes in for this very surgery. He falls into a coma during surgery almost there and then he wakes up then he has a heart attack. Benny Tell Rodney. These your feel went after that life that he had when he was so close to going the way that he wanted to go. No No specs you WANNA hear no respect a year after he died. Cnn tried to get in touch with him to get his reaction about the passing of Johnny Carson and if you read his obituaries a lot of shocking amount mentioned that he was well known for his role in the scout he went in the Scout. I got to the bottom of that. Oh laid on me. He was going to be in the scout okay. Role was originally intended for him. And Sam Kennison and he didn't do it for unknown reasons and ended up going to Albert Brooks and Brennan Frazier Okay. But it was one of those things I think. We're one of those Internet neat things on the Internet. Where someone print something that everyone else. Skopje's and base it so I think one person wrote because everything else that's always worth the exact same way like listens movies as the scout which he was never in doubt he wasn't now thanks for looking into that man. Sure that's what you get when you hang with chuck. But he did find love again in a situation in one thousand nine hundred eighty two. Everyone probably thought was typical gold digger. He was sixty one years old and he married a thirty year old woman who was really hot blond in La but by all accounts everything I looked into it was like she really really loved them and was great for him and they were super happy together or as happy as he could be and it turns out that it wasn't that kind of a deal after all made me feel good. Yeah like for example. When he died. She made sure that his funeral wasn't until five or dusk because he always asked her not to schedule an appointment for him before five. Pm So she made sure his funeral income until after. That funeral is a really big deal. Everyone basically came out in droves His pallbearers included Jim Carey who he. He took Jim Carey on the road for two years when he was a struggling comedian. In the Open Forum in Vegas and Jim Carey's getting booed off stage. Everyone hated him in writing stuck by him for like a full two years in Jim. Carrey never forgot that Chris Rock Tim Allen. Larry David George Carlin Jay Leno Adam Sandler and then your boy Michael Bolton Michael Bolton. He was supposed to sing isn't he was but he was too choked up to sing at Rodney dangerfield rally. They were really really really tight friends. Because Michael Bolton's song everybody's crazy was in back to school and I guess he parlayed that into a trip to the set where he got to meet writing dangerfield and they became friends for the rest of their life. So Michael Bolton was too sad to sing at Dangerfield's funeral and you know everybody was disappointed but there are a couple of people there that were like who. It's okay Michael. We know you're upset. You don't have you don't have to do this. You know it's everybody will understand. That's what they said to us before we went on. So we're going to close this with with a final nice little cherry on top about Rodney Dangerfield and sort of his outlook on his lack of respect with when it comes to the Academy of Motion Pictures Motion Picture Sciences. Yes as you guys. Call it in l. a. The academy. He applied for membership because he wanted to be an academy in her credentials us in movies and they said no no. You had to be at least three major roles. He had thirteen under his belt by this time including natural born killers for which he received a lot of critical praise right and they turned them down like jerks even got a letter. From Malcolm McDowell Ryan mcdonagh Roddy McDowell. Which was Malcolm Mcdowell? He's the good one are they brothers. I don't know are they? Relation.

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