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The president has said meeting the May deadline to withdraw would be tough. In London. Simon now in Fox News picked 13 so far, so they need just two more jurors to Minneapolis to wood Fire Police officer Derrick Show been on trial for murder and George Floyd's death. So far, the jury's racial makeup, a split seven or white for black and two or multi racial Opening statements are expected a week from today. On Friday, Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill declined a defense request to delay or move show Van's trial over concerns that a $27 million settlement for George Boyd's family had tainted. The jury pool Shoving is accused of pressing his knee into George Floyd's neck for about nine minutes when he was handcuffed and couldn't breathe. Tanya Joy Powers Fox News. Fewer people are packing up to move because fewer homes are selling the National Association of Realtors reports previously owned home sales fell nearly 7% last month amid bad winter weather, rising mortgage rates and low supply of houses on the market. On Wall Street, the Dow's up almost 50 points, the NASDAQ's up almost 250. David Anthony, This is Fox News. This'll week, the state is getting more than a million and a half doses of covert vaccine. Lar lantern with state health services says it's getting easier for everyone 50 and up to get a shot. We are hearing that in some areas of the state. They've worked through all of their people that are currently eligible. Nearly one in seven Texans over the age of 16 are now fully vaccinated. Texas Food Bank leaders say they're worried about shortages after the winter storms. Food banks had started to lean on partnerships with farmers to get produce amid the pandemic, But the freeze destroyed entire crops and wiped out grapefruit at orange trees in the Rio Grande Valley, as well as leafy greens and Laredo and near San Antonio. Millions of gallons of milk also had to be dumped. Matthew Makana Hayes word Texas virtual benefit to help those impacted by February's winter storms took place last night. So far, the fundraiser brought in over $260,000. Find charity. McCurdy traffic sucks a little less, but the show sucks.

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