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Get your cascade windows at discount windows, we deliver windows and doors just about anywhere. Do scale would does eighty nine zero five north Vancouver avenue in Portland next to Portland meadows and highway ninety nine in Junction City. We're open seven days a week for your convenience discount windows and doors for less. Eighteen the blowing team. Get the new car. You've always wanted today. My friends at Subaru Portland are making it super easy. Lease the all-new twenty nineteenth Subaru three rows central only thirty nine per month for thirty six months only to thirty nine per month to drive home in an incredible SUV packs full of the features you want and love only at the Subaru Portland. Tries. Stop by today. Found take care of you. Two zero ten thousand ten thousand six zero one Portland's new four lifetime. I notice some of you this is starting to sell like a broker record. But here we go wherever you are the northwest. If you've been in the accident will come to you at the flatbed pickup, your vehicle, call calling your claim fix it. Right in drop it off when we're done. Of course, we can provide a loner or help with your deductible in even save your vehicle from totaling. If that's important to you remembered the law says you could choose repairs your vehicle choose layoffs the finest in collision repair. Traffic area freeways packing up five north is jammed solid from a mobile of our to the interstate bridge. Five south lines of going straight down past mcadam more snowing tonight to a five it's a crash in Hillsboro Cornelius pass road and TV highway. Another wreck has highway to eleven closed in both directions. Five miles west of estacada and direct southbound Pacific highway.

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