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8 If you can't we can Michael and son Vatican weather on the Yates to rob stone the WTO traffic center Thanks Andy the beltway looking good in Virginia between McLean and Alexandria traveling on 66 looks pretty clear as you leave the beltway headed toward Gainesville eastbound cool as you run past manassas headed toward roslin Route 7 in Sterling near drainsville road that was a report of a crash traveling on I 95 southbound you're on the brakes briefly as your head across the Aquaman down to one 23 after that you are clear to continue south towards Fredericksburg north Dan I 95 and I three 95 look good between Fredericksburg and the 14th street bridge Southbound I three 95 the ramp to Washington boulevard the state to the right to get by the crash that just pulled off on a tow truck and a Virginia state trooper should be moving momentarily sat down on I three 95 that ran to Washington boulevard stay right to get by the trooper on scene No problems being reported in Maryland on the beltway between Montgomery and prince Georges county earlier crash on the Adelaide after river road headed toward the Clara Barton Parkway should be wrapped up and gone No problems on two 70 to speak of southbound 15 before route 40 Patrick street exit 13 the Christmas tree has been cleared to the right shoulder If a traveling SAP on or one at one 75 that was a report of a wreck and all made Georgia avenue south down near Prince Philip drive followed police direction around that particular crash also no issues on 50 as you make your way between the capitol beltway and the eastern shore It was in Annapolis on one 78 generals highway north of best gate road where we had the crash involving an overturned vehicle we believe that is wrapped up and gone If you're in the district southbound D.C. two 95 just volume passing benning road headed toward east capital street but traveling are open Are your feet freezing walking on your cold floors The problem could be your cross base value dry waterproofing offers free crawl space inspection Visit value dry waterproofing dot com I'm rob stallworth wtp traffic No two storm team four meteorologists Michelle Grossman Today is mostly sunny and cold high of 33 and then tonight we'll drop into the low 20s.

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