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By mark Austin Thomas our top story at twelve thirty their major new developments in the investigation of the last week's tragic dive boat fire we have in depth team coverage beginning with Santa Barbara county sheriff bill brown uses all thirty four victims have been identified any three of those victims have been positively identified through DNA comparisons. and the remaining victim has been identified through fingerprints sure brown also says the conception had been pulled out of the water and federal agencies will now take over the investigation a new report on the dive boat tragedy says of the entire crew was sleeping when it caught fire on Labor Day morning five crew members were sleeping behind the dive votes we'll house and then a six crew members sleep below in the bunk room of the seventy five foot diving vessel a couple of smoke alarms went off and conception Labor Day morning the first crewmember rattled awake he saw flames rising from the rear of the votes and Indian TSBs preliminary report it states flames appeared to be rising from the lower so long deck for passengers would be it states crewmembers jumped down to the main deck one broke his leg they tried but could not reach the passengers because access doors were blocked by fire as was a ladder to climb to the lower deck in an email to can X. in attorney for conceptions owner says that they're doing everything in our power to support the investigation the report doesn't conclude our conception caught fire but conceptions owner asks whether safety agencies are aware of the dangers of lithium ion batteries whether or not new rules should be applied to the charter boating industry Craig figure can extend seventy newsradio you can read the N. T. S. B.'s preliminary report for yourself on a website can extend seventy dot com one expert said it would have been prudent to have a crew member on night watch but he insists there was a much bigger problem on the conception the fact that the night watchman wasn't a weight doesn't change my impression of this event John Devitt is the chairman of the national fire protection association and a former assistant fire chief don't feel like the best remedy for those folks down there was not the night watch the best remedy for those folks there have been some kind of early warning detection debit calls the conception a compliant fire trap and insist tougher fire detection system requirements are needed for passenger vessels the Coast Guard does not in brief that opportunity when they regulate their raft they say that the environment is too bad that the local ones won't be relied. or things like that well a non reliable smoke alarms all lot better than those folk art at all the coast guard's preliminary report says there were two locally sounding smoke detectors in the conceptions bunk room McDevitt recommends connected alarms throughout about that all sound when there's a fire click you this guitar KNX ten seventy newsradio a fight in Santa Clarita between a possibly mentally disturbed man and a sure Stephanie ins with that man being shot and killed a nine one one call came from a person inside an urgent care facility shirtless man walking outside the business yelling and screaming at people share seventy tried to reason with them of the man attacked the deputy advantage of take aways taser in radio swinging it like a weapon breaking the window with patrol car the.

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