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Voice of boston twenty three here on the great w r k oh okay my friends joining me now is somebody who will be attending the rally in fact will be right up there with me is j mcmahon jay thank you so much for coming on the kunar report i really appreciate it i loved the boston thank you for having me on jeff in boston massachusetts jay i've got to ask you why are you attending the rally why will you be speaking with me at the rally this decision by this judge is so absurd and flies in the face of everything that law enforcement is trying to do in massachusetts we have an opiate crisis here which really is a curse and yet is touched every family in the commonwealth and it is absurd that this judge would just cut this guy loose knowing forty bags of heroin in the car it is it it just defies the lauren defies i anything that could happen in a situation i can't believe that this guy did what he did now i have a son or head of son who i lost to the opioid crisis my son joel was in the united states army he wanted to make the military career of iraqi freedom in two thousand three he was one of the first troops that baghdad he was inquired by night mission and he got injured they were under enemy fire but he didn't get injured by enemy fire and he ruined his back so the situation was that the military tried to tweet him right and they couldn't treat them and so they discharged them to the va and make a long story short the va treated them where oxycontin and basically they made they to my son they made them what they did to challenge the thousands of other disabled american veterans turn them into opiate addicts i in the two thousand eight i got the bad news that my son had died now i gotta tell you anybody who's anybody knows in massachusetts we've got a crisis on our hands it's not a daisy it's getting worse as you know i'm i'm a candidate for attorney general that's another reason why coming here to let my first amendment exercise by first amendment about this decision by this judge.

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