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Free thank you Lord Ducie so Burnell Event Neville it. But that's what I sat. Who wanted to cloud of the week? We're talking about the riots. Going on in Minneapolis. We're talking about the marching going on around the country. This is the protest and it's a protest because once again a we have a police officer who is killed an unarmed black man and it was on television. It was brutal to watch. I'm telling you it was murdered and now body. Nobody's in disagreement. There is no controversy. That police officer murdered that man and it was captured on video. So the question is why are people out there? Rioting why are people out there marching? We know what the problem is. My goodness Brooke Baldwin had a family member on interviewing him and instead of getting to what they had say Brooke Baldwin be clowned herself. How would you? There are so many emotions as I'm sitting here listening you. I'm I'm having my own. I'm surprised at my own emotions on TV with you. But I've just as a white woman aware of my own privilege in this country. I am so angry. I can't even begin. Forgive me no. I'm not going to forgive Baldwin. That's ridiculous Brook Ball would made it about her. Made it about her. White guilt made it about her white privilege to Lub. She's under to talk about that and Brooke Baldwin Breaks Down and starts crying in Apologize Kashif aware of her Pram. Latch white while bed. Do you think that will? Do you think that the the family member want to hear that mess? What an embarrassing situation. You put her in now. She has try to comfort your crazy assets to you up here crying. 'cause you white Cryan. Because you're white Brooke Baldwin's moment of of white guilt is the reason why she is. This week's conservative syracus clown of.

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