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At Trinity to Your Church Body and to your family as well and how do you with you know one of the responsibilities that I have is I meet with business wonderful woman who is the director of the human resources for a large they had the presence of the Lord so thick and I knew he was preparing me for something Islami let me just say put a pseudonym flush let's call Allen and I engraved in and so on in that moment jared I investigation in the presence was so thick that all I remember Oh thank that she broke down and she asked me this question Michael What is going on and in the presence of a father it's father's presence minded of what it would be for Jesus after a long day the sun having this moment with the follow Jesus himself having a moment with the the point where Ellen said Michael She's balling she's balling and she goes Michael his you'll love that I just had to be there Dr Bef- expected by his son Jesus Reminder of who Jesus is for what he has done on the cross coming out and she couldn't hold herself and she said Michael I have so we went out of her big fortune two hundred company and we started walking orange out and saying it oh father how much I miss you she just went all the way back the middle off his daughter and our father awesome forgiveness and and Jesus did not have to do that so he was a prayer for all of us commute that's it he starts with pray our father while name written in the book of Life God used take to salvation to him to relationship with them and what else do you see God toying he you know and I am not worthy of of what he is due the prophetic statement the next greatest revival is going to be in the marketplace open move gone who've respective of their denominations respective in more people we all heard of how the lawn in his friends of us who had similar experiences where there were never a Christian these people have never stepped foot in Church four let's at forty viewers disease a traditionalist as far as generations concern. I don't know who Jesus is that a real buzz right where are they going to get that information from the church what we have grayson mostly he's pouring out to his own Sinatra's and in the marketplace we cannot be complacent anymore recognized in debt every minute fracking Nice that the Lord is placing for strategic moment right now and go in at check in she's like Oh yeah you're right now have a seat and I'm encouraging avenue conversation and automatically know that she writes poems that she's for more and she still cutting my hair now she's not a Christian she believes in person who loves you and there's more information supernatural Camman may I pray for your foot while you're cutting my hair I'm not gonNA lay hands on it and the warmth and.

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