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Don't know. I've just always liked david. Spain maybe i love david john through all these great to. That's a good answer. Yeah i love the fucking hanging. Out with vince vaughn. But i think vince vaughn dick. It's just as characters that i like. I just saw him in. Hacksaw ridge is the drill. Instructor appreciated movie. It was a good movie. So you're jack black. You think i'm give anybody else pick another guy. I mean having james would be great. Yeah kevin james i'd have. What about kevin. Hart kevin hart hall. John savvas a good answer though. That's fucking all who else though kevin hart would be. Good dave pill. I just saw the wedding singer again. The other day adam sandler could be kind of fun. Sandler would be good. Somebody be who you hang out with chum. Around with for entire day well dion. Dana mcbride would be one powers the allied him just started watching seth rogan. Like those kind at the hill little crew in my brain. Get jono be me. But if i'm going to go listen someone that i did not respect early in his days accusing a lot of movies that like now. I liked him but someone that just over the last year. I'd say really. Dark to hang out. Norm macdonald norman towers here so awkward if you ever watched his show on youtube but he does his little fucking interviews so this is out with man. Oh he'd be fucking whole area to hang out with their why at puckett and egwu watching him interact with other people. It'd be so awkward. I just. I don't know calling russia. Well i mean. I would always want to halladay. Grohl course. he's fun is your number one. Oh he's about. James gone the director of The guardian galaxies. His twitter account is just hilarious. And he's active on all the time. He seems like he'd be kick off this week. I've been up and christopher walken. I'm changing my answer for a walk. You look at the best man. Even has a new movie is like fucking one hundred and ten years old. It's like a great movie. Oh you know what's a good one. Ed o'neill o.'neil fan. Yeah yeah that's all that history with married with children and modern family and just yeah fuck man. He seems like he's awesome like you'd want to hang out with them. Yeah beer do. He's young out harsh. It with them he can mick mark he does the hoyas. So as maynard james keenan we begin to watch him. Choked up all another one love. Robert duvall you're seen a movie. You lonesome dove now back real serious. No i remember. My parents had the vhs tapes. And they took up like the entire. They heard a thing a cattle all the way to fuck in montana. And then robert of all dies up there in fucking spoiler alert. come on man what's What's the other guy. He's luck great. He's he's like the other harrison ford in the other guy that's like harrison ford. It's an everything right. Yup the pod with her apologize for our scott spoiling the lonzo destroy life. Sorry movie man. Robert redford now. No no my redford. There's gotta be some answers. Are we talking about just comedians or people in just a fucking hang out. What about it would you hang out with your rogan for a day. Yeah i don't. I fight amin's he wouldn't be a choice fucking alcohol day. You know what i'm saying. I'm good and i don't want to be on pelivan for seven hours with a fucking celebrity del. I'd be kicking bill for all the stuff. I'm trying to think of the people that are like old people can hang with little people. Because we're not gonna do tommy lee jones work. Kreischer will be fucking who bert kreischer median home. Like the bar would be good. Silber would be good bill. Burr went the fuck off. So you got to listen to this episode. Five hundred on he sounded just like i would have just taking something. Dan laboratory ride with dan laboratory at the show. He's in miami is bad there was always data. Always have their tv show like that show bill. Burr went fucking so it was. It was hilarious. We started kind of slandering boston in a way and bill took on boston so tired. All you mother fuckers talking about boston's went off at about twenty minutes. They've never really feel bad that i did that. Resonated with me. Joey coco diaz. It'd be good to make you laugh. Whole time. Tim gavin is going to be playing in orlando on a new year's eve. Look i really wanna go. Yeah i like. She likes me. And i've never i've never been i. My parents took me see ron white. When i was younger but jim goggin something like brennan. I watched together just because the way he talks about how the kids and things like that. Yeah man it gets me. Like i would love to see him live. That'd be good. She sure he's about this right. Yeah i guess. He took up cross country skiing during this whole thing to get away from his jim. Breuer burg story for days. You know who also stories is a henry rollins all. Have you ever seen his spoken word. Yes dude it's impactful him. He just when he talks like he did a rogan episode. That was like holy shit. This guy's schedule like the way these people compartment like. I don't i bitch a lot right now. Complain now do you do when you hear these motherfuckers. Talk about their schedules. And what they do and how they have to do it. And they have to be a certain way mentally all of this and not let your fucking not blow up or act up because everybody's gonna fucking know about it. I haven't mentioned one girl. I wouldn't mind hanging out with tina. Fey amy poehler. They'd be fun fun. Melissa mccarthy yeah okay. let's go women selma hayek soon. Sorry dawson might. Sandra will done rap. Rosario dawson just because rosero fought like she says reo. And she's just kevin smith. Kevin smith would be off but then he talked so much. I talked too much. W we're talking to each other the whole time. that's true. what about dwayne. The rock johnson intimidate the rock. You i think he'd be a lot of fun. I think so. He's active on on instagram. And kevin hart was according cox friends reunion awesome cried. Wash it twice. yeah. I've seen it like five times. The first few times. Like i got emotional. Who's the guy who seeing that They thought he was drunk or something. So that was matthew perry but he just had dental surgery. Yeah he can't. He hasn't really been able to talk right for a while. Because i watched that the odd couple he was on and he had it like weird list to at anyways but now he general surgery problems. We could probably doesn't even remember recording or filming. Some of the seasons of friends all messed up man. Those guys were making how much and episode at the over a million and that was like they all stuck together like we want to make million and upset..

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