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Okay, this is it, one involving multiple aircraft hijackings, So he reached back and grabbed her gun. They started wrestling while they're doing that The aircraft started falling out of the sky. And I do remember the fear. It was very scary Prison escapes. We're running at full speed. I'm thinking damn. At any moment here. We could get shot in the back. She told him what the real plan was for a prison break and she had a gun life risking heroics. I jumped on top of him and try to grab his hands because he had a bomb. She had to act on instinct and coming from Vietnam. The battle in him just kicked in. And sheer madness took off toward that airplane. And it was very, very clear to all of us, sir. It's going to correction of that plane. Oh, my God. He's gonna hear us. From imperative Entertainment and Pegolo pictures. This is American skyjacker. The final flight of Martin McNally, Listen and follow this podcast for free on the I Heart radio at number one for music, radio and podcasts, all in one In communities all those things. They're really, um You know, the dollars go a long way, and it's certainly food donations are wonderful thing. People can do food drives for those local food banks. And then the last thing I would say is, you know, join our campaign to end hunger. Um Folks can find out more about that at feeding America dot organ. That's another way to make sure that you know, your voice could be added with the voice that voices of billions of others who, you know, want. To create a circumstance in this country where no American would go hungry and we in America. We don't have a food problem. We have a connection problem. So this is a solvable problem. It just takes all of us working together. To make sure that our neighbors have the food. They need to go on another day. Well, I think I can say on behalf of the entire country. Thank you so much for the great work that you're doing at feeding America. Katie Fitzgerald, executive vice president and chief operating officer at feeding America, you can find out more and you can donate and.

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