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The Republican Party reclaimed at least one congressional seat in Orange County today, with first term Democratic congressman Harley Ruda conceding defeat to Michelle Steele and the closely contested race in the coastal 48th district. Two other congressional races in the South Land remained too close to call. Orange County's Registrar of Voters has launched a risk limiting audit beginning November 13th the common practice in elections, Neal Kelly says. Unlike recounting ballots and matching it to machine counted results, a risk limiting audit uses software to randomly select ballots to be pulled in counted by hand. More ballots are examined and verified in close contests and fewer ballots in contests with wider margins. Kelly says it's an excellent way to audit elections and provides an important check on the integrity of the election process. Sharon reared in K ABC News nationally, Thom Tillis is the likely winner of the Senate race in North Carolina after his Democratic rival conceded the Republican incumbent has a comfortable lead over challenger Cal Cunningham. It's a seat Democrats were looking to flip in order to regain control of the Senate. President elect Joe Biden unveiled his Coronavirus Advisory board, and it will include some California experts. UC San Francisco University, says Dr David Kessler, Dr Eric Goods B and Dr Robert Rodriguez will be part of a 13 member board. Talk to Bob, Watcher professor and chair of the UCSF Department of Medicine, says he knows all three candidates. Personally. You have people who come at this from different clinical fields and for administrative work, different roles and global on DH federal organizations, a really strong group and real Testament to UCSF this three out of the 13 members from from our campus on Wall Street that major indexes are mixed. KNBC News is sponsored by CBS CBS Pharmacists have a proprietary search tool that analyzes ways to help lower your prescription costs. Come in. Or call today to get a free prescription savings or view at CVS Savings. Very patient eligible for savings. Ask pharmacist for details ABC weather tonight mostly clear lows in the upper forties. Mid fifties tomorrow, Sonny for Veterans Day highs in the mid sixties to around 70 right now, in downtown L. A. It's 66 degrees.

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