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I mean, it's painful. Remember that Philadelphia drafted Jalen reagor instead of drafting Justin Jefferson who is a star standout receiver in Minnesota. It's a painful reality that Jalen rigor every time he fails, everyone is reminded that, oh, they could have had Justin Jefferson instead, how frustrating and painful is that. In fact, they're talking about how Philadelphia should draft another receiver this year. That'd be three years in a row drafting a receiver in the first round. Partially because Jalen Reagan just hasn't been good enough and hasn't got it done. By the way, Dallas got their tight end had a great year as well. He was our second leading receiver. He had 56 catches for 830 yards and for touchdowns. Philadelphia surprised me in so many ways last year. Their left tackle. Jordan my lada became a starter before the season started got a massive contract. I love him. He's a great his interview. Short of my Lana is such an easy to like guy. Philly's defense did some really good stuff. They were actually a top ten defense, which I didn't really expect. Some of their free agent signings did really well in their secondary. Philadelphia even mostly only lost to good football teams. You know, they lost a total of 9 games last year, including their playoff loss to Tampa. Here are the 7 good teams that Philadelphia lost to. Kansas City, they lost to the cowboys twice, they lost a Tampa twice, they lost the forty-niners and the Chargers, that's 7 losses to good teams. Those are like kind of honorable losses for a team the Philadelphia Eagles who I thought wasn't as good as any of those teams. They really I thought beat everyone they should have, they lost to teams that I can understand them losing to. And I was very pleasantly surprised with the eagles during the 2021 season. They got a lot of people in that building that I find myself rooting for. Jalen hurts, Nick Siri. Devonta Smith is awesome. I love his attitude as a work ethic. Joe to my lot, a Darius slay, I would love to see Philadelphia build off what they did last year and get even better in 2022. Maybe when their division I'd be really, really cool. I hope it's the beginning of something because I am rooting for them. They won me over..

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