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When you ever you're talking about policy or or anything else. If you're explaining you're losing One of the reasons that the political right never learns. The left is so good at naming things and the political right always has to explain why they want to kill Grandma. Well, if you're explaining why you you don't want to kill Grandma, you're you're losing Right as I have the left always says it remember was with Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan wants push Grandma off the cliff. Now, Paul Ryan has to explain why he doesn't want to push Grandma of the cliff. It would have been better if Paul Ryan had said to the first person said You want to push Grandma off the cliff? Hey, why don't you go to hell? It would have been better off of P 90 X Paul Ryan. Paul 90 X had walked up to one of these Democrats while they were on TV and punched him right in the nose that would have ended Grandma getting pushed off a cliff. What can I say? I know how to fight. My gosh. He really thinks he can explain to us the history of Afghanistan and why this is better. You left Americans to die. There's nothing to explain. There's nothing to explain. Now. John Kirby, Pentagon Press secretary. Thank you, Teresa For sending this to me to correct erroneous reports. The U. S military did not leave any dogs in cages. At the airport, including the report of military working dogs, photo Circulating online Where animals under the care of the Kabul small animal rescue, not dogs under our care, Okay. All right. Oh, I only hope for his sake, he's right. He's going to explain history to us. He left Americans for dead No Rothmans schedule to be with us Can a history lesson? Actually saved Joe Biden. Is America. Really, really in a place where they're saying? You know what? We can't have this loser? This failure this embarrassment in the White House any longer. That story is coming up This right here, Tony Cats today. Mm 93 wi PC Mobile news on the level on the go. Another inmate left for dead. I'm Donny Burgess. Here's what's training up to 30. State Police suspect foul play in the death of an inmate at the state prison in Miami County. Found injured. An unresponsive in his cell was 42 year old Matthew Coke. The case is being treated as a homicide. Working inside the White House became a risk on 9 11. Chris Davis reports on how former Governor Mitch Daniels reacted when the planes hit as the director for the office of Management and Budget. He knew that he'd have to get to work right away. To work out funding for the response to the attacks. So when the White House was evacuated, he set up shop in his apartment. Then it was time to get busy..

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