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Val camel lady died in twenty eighteen the park area arts council commissioned a mural of her at the store's original location I'm Brian Burr with community corners on WGN radio now with WGN sports here's Dave and fostered by northwestern football Chicago's big ten team took the Blackhawks awhile but now the points are starting to calm nine in their last seven games after their first ever win over the Vegas golden knights ox scored five straight goals to take control in five three when one of those for defenseman Calvin de Haan who knew that they'd start come around a plan good hockey and we just can't work work and really with the warden in our seems like the floodgates of open a little bit more scorning toggles now and you know but I think the biggest part for us is our goal tending tearing us a chance to win every night I was Corey Crawford last night our Xfinity X. five Blackhawks support to Hobbes goal tied the game mereka the person's forty five seconds later put him ahead for good northwestern held Providence to thirty one percent shooting opened a twenty point lead and held on when things got tight seventy two sixty three the Wildcats win Ohio state beat Villanova Walmart kept top producer the other big ten big east matchups after facing Detroit's defense the bear's face a much tougher assignment the rams D. led by two time defensive player of the year our Donald but Mr biscuit least feels a little better about it after the war not exactly where we want to be but at that I win definitely gives you confidence moving forward because at the end of the day no matter what you did you can walk away with the result you want and that's to win so we just got to find ways to pull together continue work harder and get better David Montgomery limited in practice with ankle don't miss your chance watch big ten football and Ryan feel this fall cats host UMass Saturday Minnesota.

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