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The sky save a plane crash if you're if you'll go into some of the reader's digest mysteries of the blind and some other a book similar to that you'll come across many accounts of them okay well documented by dr i don't doubt that i believe is is part of the aliens when they get through with the genetic experiment they actually use the people for food have been urged the on our species for centuries of sir the reason that we have all the secrecy on the government's i believe is the government's no that the the federation i e all the other life that is trying traveling back now to remedy dealers the situation are on the horizon the near coming soon you remember how to serve man run yup obviously you do leave there was to the rockies you're on the air with paul stone ally warning club good morning our pike barely hear you sir you're gonna have to yell at us okay hey art use my nickname i don't know what is it the but the green from portland oregon i had in the honour of willie nelson in the late great dr carl sagan but zeke green from pottsville oregon pot land orient you in rule if you're listening no other willie another navy willie's revved i've got paul stone ill now i'm sorry willie now for lizzy into crisis cranston through many ages from young told india please please don't give a bad reputation to your nicknamed trying to ask a relevant question okay first of all are there any through rivers of eluned bay on the dirt.

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