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An interesting. Tau. Zip Back is, blow. Record songs written by others like L. A. Freeway by Guy Clark up against the wall redneck Mark Three Wylie Hubbard. Looking for the heart of Saturday night by Tom Waits and of course, London Homesick Blues. Back, Gary, peanut. Associated with Rodney Crowell townes Van Zandt Bob Dylan Thompson Todd Snider. And even a Rodeo clown named Billy Jim Baker. Called Jerry Jeff the Jimmy Buffett of Texas. It was Jerry Jeff who I drove Jimmy Buffett to key. West. Walker and buffet also co wrote the Song Railroad. Lady. While riding the last run of the Panama Limited. Both. Throat Cancer Throat Cancer. Complications. are what data by the way? The name of Mr Bojangles who asks believed is The famed Dancer Bill Robinson. And Years Later, Billy Jerry Jeff Walker. Would tell the story that the dancer. That wrote Mr Bojangles about the actual dancer that was in the in the cell drifter across the south was a white man none a black man although it was probably an honor of a black man or a caricature a composite of characters. But he said it couldn't have been a black man because the jails in New Orleans at the time were segregated and he was of course in a segregated Jill on the white side. I'm not sure what they expected to happen after shutting down the schools Vermont's but Houston Area School district's. report an enrollment drop of nearly forty thousand students. K. H. O. Reports Sixteen of the areas twenty largest school district report fewer students enrolled this year sixteen out of twenty. H D tops, all school districts with one, thousand, four, hundred. Nine hundred forty four fewer students as fifteen thousand fewer students sorry fourteen thousand nine hundred forty four students. So basically, fifteen thousand fewer students, the average enrollment declined is two, thousand five, hundred thirty three students at district's like all Dean Alvin Clear Creek conroe software Fort Ben Galena Park Tombaugh etc.. And where have the students gone? Duncan, Clus Money University of Houston education professor and former Subaru Superintendent and at Spring Branch ISD says students some students can be home school. So that could be a factor could be some and private settings as going to be a certain percentage students who just not enrolling all. Alien VSD has the largest percentage decrease at eight point nine percent with four thousand fewer students enrolled the school year district officials say they're worried about lost money because schools are funded on a per pupil basis. The Texas Education Agency has guaranteed full funding the district's regardless of changes to enrollment or attendance rates due to the pandemic for the fall semester. Levi's superintendent. HD CHAMBER SAYS IF NOTHING CHANGES? From? Here. On out. Ailey via St. we'll see anywhere from twenty five to forty million dollar revenue cut the students are gonNA. Lose staff members are to lose teachers are going to lose and it will have been your own fault. You should have opened the schools you shoulda brought the students back, but you didn't. You know a lot of teachers today. Are not the noble teachers we remember from past years. Now, there are plenty that are great plenty that are wonderful. But it is clear to me that there are a number of teachers in schools today who don't WanNa go to work. And are looking for any. Excuse not to go to work. The school district you're GonNa, SUFFER But worse the kids are going to suffer. Imagine how many kids are GonNa fall through the cracks. Imagine how many kids were already on the bubble already in a tough environment. They're moving from house to. House. MOM doesn't work. There's no dad involved. There's no extended parental structure, maybe the the family in the apartment next door is helping out with the little kid. And he struggling already. And now they've moved across town. And they're not going to start back school and they're not gonNA show up on any list in nobody's going to check on him. In that kid is going to be left out. Multiply that by thousands and you're going to see that. And that's a bad situation for a kid to be in without any structure. For many many kids. In this country School is the only thing that gives them structure. There is no structure at home. In some cases, they don't WanNa, go home. There's nobody at the home there's no furniture inside there's no food in the fridge there's nothing to eat there's nothing to do. In many cases, it's not a healthy environment in every sense of that word. And School is an opportunity for forty hours a week. For that person to have structure and food. And and discipline and instruction, but it's not going to be there. And why? Because they hyped this pandemic, we will look back and learn. And it wasn't hard to figure out. They have hyped this pandemic. For political reasons for personal reasons for professional reasons mostly for political reasons, and then because some people are just willing to be scared. Because this is the roller coaster they miss as a child, they love the fear. But the consequences are going to be grand. They're going to be dire. is going to, be bad. Do. You remember the joke you probably won't. Do.

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