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Which are the backbone of our economy and our neighborhoods they were relegated to curbside pickup for online shopping which didn't suit a lot of them and many of them just weren't providing the opening is a subject to approval by county public health departments they released guidelines today for places of worship to re open the some pastors tell KNX those guidelines don't work for megachurches Emily Valdez has that part of our in depth team coverage Dr Danny Carroll is the senior pastor of water of life community church and Fontana they have about twenty six thousand parishioners world America is in a service is a hundred and so you run thousands and thousands of people on a weekend like we do seven or eight or ten thousand that doesn't really work you have to do a service every hour for the whole week Carol tells KNX the governor called him after releasing the guidelines looking for input on how to accommodate larger places of worship like his Carol has said he will reopen his church regardless on may thirty first we watch your news coopers and we're seeing the things he said and we understand that you want to partner with us in the end user that's why we're on the phone with you right now so I do think that there is some space here for all of us to move to the middle maybe guidelines also include social distancing infrequent sanitizing and limiting close contact activities Emily Valdez can extend seventy news radio people in southern California trying to make with the cannabis Memorial Day holiday despite the pandemic and of course some people flock to the beach and they weren't all playing by the corona virus rules meaning they set up beach umbrellas and canopies or just plop down insurers so much for moving and staying active like the people that are actually just sitting out there they're actually kind of inviting some cop to like write him a ticket and yet this man who was taking a break from a bike ride said he really kind of understood I mean what's the government going to pay everybody to stay home you know it's just kind of what were they going to get the money they just printed out of thin air I suppose he was just glad the bike path had been re opened it just didn't make a whole lot of sense to him it's like what's the bike path for a rhetorical question for sure but he's Zana these on the bike paths just trying to keep a social distance at Dockweiler John Baird KNX ten seventy newsradio one county opens up a dozen more coronavirus Dessa being reported today by LA county along with more than a thousand additional new cases of the virus death toll now at twenty one hundred total number of cases countywide forty six thousand as southern Californians had back to work some people might get the idea that we've beaten the virus but it's still there it's really hard to stop viruses Dr Joseph Ladapo associate professor at UCLA's David Geffen school of medicine it's good to take precautions but it's also important to be realistic about the fact that you know that some people were going to test positive for Kobe and you need to prepare for that he says as places of business open back up people need to be extra vigilant on social distancing and face masks and keep in mind risk factors people who are younger you know really under fifty or so and healthy it's very very low risk but don't get the idea that corona viruses gone rob archer K. next in seventy newsradio Mar Mar California is joining others across country to protest shut down to stay at home water during the pandemic they often find themselves unknowingly protesting right alongside radical extremist groups as extremist groups like the proud boys of the boogaloo boys joined crowds of people have concerns about the impact of restrictions designed to control the spread of covert nineteen there is a real danger when you have these groups that are on the fringes getting involved in the mainstream it often times has an effect we're it becomes a recruiting rabbit hole for them with people who may be our motion we vulnerable will be more likely to listen to misinformation when there's an opportunity to get together socially Brian Levin is the director for the center for the study of hate and extremism at cal state San Bernardino he thinks we have to be careful to not quit besides people who have been impacted with their business or employment and have a right to ask government what is going on while at the same time making sure we separate them from the extremists David Roberts K. and extend seventy newsradio do we really need another reminder that it's fire season and the temperatures are hot we have a live report from a fire earlier today coming up in just about two minutes.

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