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Indian guy? Rose my name is sally and I am eight years old. I live in Massachusetts and my while in the world. Is that rose of their butts when they hibernate. This is local respiration say hi to Reggie Grandma G. Force Thomas fingerling Dennis and Bucky by Ellie. That is correct contestants. If you guessed the answer be that some turtles breathe out of their butts when they hibernate. You've found the winning. Wow congratulations welders. Linked Turtles Hibernate take in oxygen from water and move it through the parts of their bodies with a lot of blood vessels like their butts. This way they don't need to break through frozen lake surface to breathe air with their lungs. Their butts are all they need now if a or C. You weren't too far off while guerrillas might not be using it hailers. There is a sea otter in the Seattle Aquarium who is the Sea Otter has learned to use a special inhaler to help treat her asthma. And if you chose see it turns out that there is only one animal that has been proven to not need oxygen to live. And it's not a fish. It's actually a jellyfish like parasite arrows winning. Wyler's what they want Wilmington today. All of our winning contestants will be taking home their very own invisible a can of warning breath what you won't want to open this one. This emptied out soup. Ken Now contains the worst morning breath. You've ever never smelled been. Are you sure this is a prize? Of course I'm not sure this is a guy. Well congratulations to all of our winning wilders. We're GONNA take a quick break but when we get back it's another round of to.

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