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I mean what he sent me the picture of your of your of your list, he could send all the pictures hook about ace Woody? Paul is yours. George wait. A second guys J basketball season. Okay, who is the second best. I'm not talking about the last five years op talking about right now at twenty nine years old. He's, he's in his poise smack dab in the middle of his prime who is the second best and you can make an argument of best at least in the regular season two way player in the association. If you tell me, there's a, a two way players get top. Is he a top ten player putt JK? He finished third in the voting. He's a top five player. Okay. Now he's a top five there. So you're now putting him ahead of Anthony Seattle, Anthony Davis. I don't put them ahead of. I don't put them Etta James harden, your now go back to your criteria west Paul George one. Hey Anthony, where Georgia? Anthony, what happened in two thousand thirteen to two thousand fourteen explain to me, what happened with PG thirteen police with because AP wants to make this all about winning any, by the way, by the way, down boys. He shot down. He shut down James harden. He doesn't understand his James harden has made the conference finals twice. And like you said Jay, if not for an oath conference fight, not if not for Chris Paul. Exactly. Who I understand broken nail and had to miss a couple of games this year. He will the nail salon wasn't open. Chris Paul couldn't get into get it fixed and so great. Why didn't you need you Chris Paul? What do you think? What do you need? Chris Paul open. He needed him to try to get behind James Horne to top five players. Help are you trying to get by the warriors who have a all star team now for your arguments. No, you're trying to get by the warriors. By the way to get by the warriors, you better be better be pretty jacked up. Okay. Or do you better have like three of them? Hit on the injured list. So JK conscious real quick make them look like once again. Okay. So Paul George with David west is second best player, by the way over to the Spurs. He became like the seven words became the ninth best player whip David west is the second best player. He made it to a conference finals. And if not for playing a team with three first ballot hall of famers in two thousand fourteen four first ballot hall of famers with right, Allen. He gets the NBA finals in my opinion wins the championship you cannot gloss over the fact that Paul right now. Another player glossing over Paul George being held at Taleban ship is that I'm going to save you. If, if people are being highly critical of Anthony Davis, I need Paul George to elevate more. He's made to conference fine. I got you want from the Gachi has I think he made a really bad choice, real. It made it really made a bad choice when he had to make one last summer. I think you'll regret it for a long time. I've got I've got a as we've talked about these stories. I love this, because the NBA finally has the chance now to change the narrative, they've got the opportunity now to be able to say. We're not just a one team league. We're not just the, the warriors, and I on honestly, I can't wait to see what Steve Kerr dials up. We'll Steve Kerr how far will the will the warriors fall in the Western Conference. Because with the injuries right now that they're going to have to navigate. It's going to be interesting to watch them. And I can tell you, I'm very excited to see what Steve Kerr can do. I have a feeling I'll get a few less lectures on who I need to vote for. And maybe he'll worry a little more about coaching, and I won't be lectured about politics and any other thing that he chooses to lecture about on a daily basis when you're a winning coach and you have all those mics in your face you then think that people are waiting for you to tell them who to vote for who to do some real interest to see what Steve Kerr dials up now without all that star power just disposal. But I'll call it right now. The Lakers are not going to put together a title contender, and yes, I use the word contender. I hear people talking about the Lakers winning and NBA championship that they show that they're one of the favorites to win an NBA championship, and I hear people citing Las Vegas odds may, I give you a heads up, what Las Vegas does. They know that a lot of people out there like me who will be arriving in three weeks. They know that a lot of us are sheep. You know what I do every single summer? I put a bet on the eagles, if I like them as long as, as long as they look like they're going to be a potential playoff team. I put a bet on the eagles to win the Super Bowl. And I place a bet on the eagles to win the NFC championship. Every year. I'm going home with those tickets in some way. It's a novelty to be able to be holding it, but I can tell you, that when I walked to the betting window the night, the eagles did win the Super Bowl as I sat in the Bellagio and wept. Like a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert. When I walked up to that window with that with that ticket that I had bought in July for the eagles to win the Super Bowl. That felt like heaven. What the what the what the sports snow is. They put out odds and say the Lakers of the favorites. And you know what they know by? They know that the sheep are all lined up to go. Yeah, man. I'm the biggest Laker fan. Wait a minute. Dude, you're from Miami. Yeah, but I've been the Laker fan my whole life. Well, why don't you wear Laker head for like the last three years? Well, I wore black door in the shack era. No, no bigger band vagabonds than the big time die hard Laker fan. You know, the guy who lives in Dallas. The guy who lives in Atlanta, the guy who lives in Chicago. Oh, I was a Laker fan my whole life. You don't see any Laker gear on them for years when they're crappy and out of the playoffs. And then all of a sudden they show up with their look. And I'll always love it when it went a team starts to rebound like that. I'll go. Hey, nice new Lakers hat. Oh, I see. Oh, I see you, Laker fans back. Tell you right now, the Lakers will not construct a title contender this year. And I'm not talking about winning an NBA championship. I'm talking about a team that we will be discussing in April of next year as being a team that we think can win the championship. They will not put together a title contender around LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Book. It's flat out obvious. Save the tape put it down. Write it down and sharpy. I got a sharpie, and my hand right now right at down Lakers. They may be a playoff team. Sure they may be a foresee they may be three. See they may be an eight seed, but they're not winning any NBA championships next year. And it is a dysfunctional organization. And it's one that I am not believing it. I think they're setting themselves up for a lot of hype, a lot of talk. But I don't think they're going to be able to build a roster. I think they're down at Laguna beach right now at a pickup game. Try to sign the eleventh and twelfth men on the bench. Well, more bad at all throughout the course of the day today, and I'll have more time for your phone calls a little bit later on in the hour..

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