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That people can share their story and witness. They would never know of this if it weren't for the social media in so that was amazing. I there was another video that i saw that a as well. A traveling guy. I don't know was wearing his gopro camera down a road in the In the tetons and to his left. Unknowingly what it knowing what it is. I literally get goosebumps thinking about it. You have to go find footage. He's driving on the road and to the left is the white van and you can see behind the trees in a field. There's a man digging thought. Yeah i had to pull it up in my mom. You guys. you've probably you're following this. You probably know what i'm talking about. And my mom said that we're they. They circled the helicopter where the remains were found. They were in a field. Like it's weird. The guy posted videos already viral. That it's van. And you see a guy i gotta show it to. You start level. Breezy totally does not go with what i well. Maybe it goes with no so. Tell me your opinion. If there's a lot to piece together the time line really quickly. So she goes missing last communication with her family's on august thirtieth she text to her mother and the mother is not even convinced that it was actually her who sent the right okay rate. He shows up september first. Okay in florida he shows up without gabby without gabby but with the van with the van without gabby not saying a word which is webinars when the police get to their house. The parents house they lawyer up. They say we're not talking okay. A lot of people are enraged over that. And the you know gabby family is making these public. Statements public please to them to please help with the investigation. His family lawyer comes out and makes statement and says hey we know that in the miranda rights it says everything you do say will be used against you will be used again will and can be used against you. I forget what it says anyway. There are essentially saying we're not stupid. We know the first person you're gonna look at as brian. And anything he says could be misconstrued bubalo whatever they make this whole statement okay. As of today gabby body has been recovered. Brian is still missing. Do you wanna know what i think. Maybe yes aged on everything. Yeah i think they had a very volatile relationship. They were high school sweethearts. And you know that love that love is intense and it's like that really young love is like we we make it through anything and we will fight to be together. You have me. It's like we know we're not supposed beauty. Gather but we're gonna be together. Yeah i know exactly what i'm saying. Of course i feel like. I see a lot of this that this happens like it. Turns into like this perpetual cycle of dysfunction to be honest and and it's an immature love. Harry immature love. They see daily. I agree there's so much passion and drive for it..

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