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A portion of them ended up selling out at the very end any strong with philadelphia new york dayton cleveland clifton park new york hampton beach portland just sell out after sell it after selo stay tuned right here for more touring news coming up soon and thanks to all these hampton beach for putting on the wrestlemainia party with me and fosse we had a great time like i said jack slate and little bit to load ski so we could not air our wrestlemainia rundown but trust me it was love lovingly bad so we still got other tour dates coming up with fossey when my talking about this other big announcement coming up in the meantime and then between we still got april nineteenth the buddha rock club in fort myers florida april twentieth amalie arena in tampa for ninety eight rock fest able twentyfirst wjr are earth they birthday at the central florida fairgrounds in orlando and april twenty second plan another ninety eight rock fest in charleston south carolina so it's a little bit florida southern run get your tickets at fuzzy rock dot com all the info there and don't forget the words of jericho coming back to the uk glasgow may twentyfirst may twenty second manchester that was sold out in seven hours still tickets left for the may twenty third show in london but they're few and far between go check out all the information inside the ropes dot co dot uk and of course all the information for chris jericho's rock and wrestling raider at sea et chris jericho cruise dot com we set sail tober twentyseven and for as little as one hundred fifty bucks you can reserve your cabin everything is inclusive all the mean grease all the signings all the shows everything between of course you'll be hanging out with jim ross jerry lawler so cal val mick foley noel foley ricky the dragon steamboat ramos stereo raven keep it at one hundred crew own disco fern on shane helms beyond the darkness scaring the pants off call cabana maria rosa making you laugh the professional wrestling show don't calcium paul as you'll be doing.

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