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In all, everything's out the window and you're going to see the Rams open things up a lot more than they want to. But I'm telling you, a key is to try and find out as well. Not only is he playing to try and find out how Cooper Cup is running, and if he's gonna be able to go tomorrow, he's another guy. That I'm telling you Unless the guy's on crutches he's probably playing. But how effective will he be? All right, That is football. You got it from Russ Baxter. You got it from Andy is go. You got it from Mork. Lauren. She got it from Brad Powers You got from all these guys all week long. So you got a lot of great opinions there. Brad, let everybody know how they can get your place because you've got everything going on Not only the football, but now you're getting heavy into the college hoops. Yeah. You just gotta Brad Powers forced calm and you could check out a lot of free information up there you download past is you see what I'm all about, as far as my my newsletter, But if you want all the pics from the NFL games, and you won't even off season football information, I got it right there. Bad cars. Four seconds. Do a great job. But I will tell you that you nobody works harder in the industry and Brad powers. And there's a reason that he isolates himself. He's not out there partying and hitting the video poker and just partying every night and drinking heavily cause He's a single guy that lives in Vegas. This is a guy that goes back. Down under like the like Grandpa Monster from the From the monsters. He goes down into the dungeon and, you know he goes down there and you don't have all the smoke coming out of the dungeon like you did when Katie was in his dungeon because Brad's not smoking, either, So he's there and he's working hard and he's trust me. If there is trends, he'll look at him, but he did. It's not going to sway his opinion. As far as you know, the Sean McVeigh 37 no at halftime that maybe something that comes into play. We'll wait and see you know and follow Brad, and if you're following him, he will give you place during the day You will get place as the games are going as well. You'll be hooked up on his VIPs list as well. Alright, let's look at some of the college hardwood tomorrow. I went through all those injuries. Ohio State in Illinois. Not sure if Ohio State will have their point guard back, but it didn't hurt him. Last time, Illinois the align I minus 5.5 and disarm you and Kofi, Man, love those two guys in champagne, 1 46.5 your take here. Yeah. I mean, I You brought the point guard, uh, then missed the last two games. Uh, I do worry with it being you know, the third game in a week for Ohio State after playing Rutgers in Northwestern being on the road. Leaning Illinois here from a Katie. I'm leaning there with you, I think along the same lines, I just think the Illinois and Illinois they'll take you off sometimes because you'll be like, what do they do and what are they doing and and they'll be down five or six at home early into the second half and trust me, they'll be that time where the defensive prowess and then they're not a great three point shooting team, but they could knock him down. When they have the right looks, and sometimes it takes him a little bit to get out of their own way. Florida State off the big route at home against Carolina, Carolina, struggling the other night against Syracuse got the cover later. Chapel Hill, Florida State minus 41 45.5. Yeah, I like playing against out liars. And obviously you look at efficiency aspect. I mean, it was one of the most efficient performances in the history of Florida State basketball. I mean, offered 32 point win, I think little bit over price in the market. Therefore, I'm gonna live with that. The Tar Heels here plus the points Right. Move on down. Let's see. How about old Mrs minus eight against Georgia Georgia team that got tattooed pretty good. And Kermit Davis pretty good squad over there at Mississippi, but he's ticked me off. There was a home game that he got drilled in pretty good, uh, inconsistent teams. I both these teams are rather inconsistent. I'd probably go with all this, but I'm not sure I wanna lay eight or 8.5 at home in Oxford. You're gonna do anything with that game. No, I don't. The Mississippi wins, But I know Michael Aid. Pittsburgh's playing pretty much better than I thought they would without sham PAG knee but They're at home. They're going to catch for at home Capel's boys against Syracuse, and even though the cues hung in there with North Carolina, look, the Cues has also been beaten by non power five conference teams this year. It's not a great behind team. I know his kid, but he's on the team, but not a great shooting pitched since Syracuse team I should say Pittsburgh, though. Uh, you're gonna give me four. I want to look at the Panthers at home. Yeah. I mean, pit out and played last 10 days. Last team. They played Wasser keys that they won outright in the carrier dome. And now you know, Chechen points. It only should be confident and circuits had to play two games since that game so on and they're not necessarily of a very deep team, So, yeah, I agree with Kitty Lean Panthers here and I do give respect to that. You beat us in our house. We're gonna beat you at your house until I got thrown by Tulsa. I really ticks me off because I was on Wichita State. I had made money on Wichita State, and then I looked. I'm like, Oh, man, I forgot which Utah one in Tulsa by a point, And not only did I get off Wichita I totally changed and went to Tulsa and Wichita beaten by 19. And we're never never trailed the game at the cook, Carina and I know that place even without fans. Is a great advantage If you're a shooter and my buddy Dave Danino tell you and you know your court. And I'm telling you, the lighting and all that stuff. And remember, there's some of these venues that are bigger, like the Marriott Center BYU That's gonna be a major advantage for BYU. Why? Because the depth perception with no fans in the stands and it's gonna be brutal for some of these teams going in there, So you think it's bad when there's fans in the stands and then at home Court advantage is ruckus, but at least you have a backdrop. Now you don't have in a lot of these venues, pay attention and also pay attention on totals because that could bring in a lot more unders. I mean, move on down here to better myself. Katie. Here you go. Let me bring in some other games. How about Missouri? They've been playing good softball pretty much all season minus 4.5. At Texas A and M and the AG E. Zahra team that Buzz Williams won't let quit in games and they've had some nice comebacks, including a one point road win the other day at Mississippi State. Your take on this one. I don't have a strong take. I think I was the Missouri that deserves to be a short favorite, but not strong opinion. All right now San Diego State. Remember I told you one of the leading scorers is out there back in Logan against Utah State. I'm telling you, Craig Smith's got a squad. He's got players. He lost players, but he's got a squad and this team there were of couple people that I know that said, You know what San Diego State's played his tougher schedule. Utah State. I'm included. Okay, Gran, and that made sense..

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