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Dr Megan Delaney chief pathology and lab medicine at children's national hospital says there's a new test that can do it in ninety minutes we have been able to with our rapid tests identify anybody who was impacted with corona virus very quickly and then remove them from the ability to be with anybody anyone else and potentially causing another infection so I think that the rapid turnaround time is one of the most important things about this test that we have the lady says a test amplifies the genes of the virus the U. S. embassy in Morocco says U. S. citizens of that nation was stranded by travel restrictions will be evacuated by charter flight pope ProPublica's reporting that North Carolina senator Richard Burr sold more than a million and a half dollars in stocks many of the many industries are crippled by the fall out from the novel coronavirus before the markets began to tumble you're listening to ABC news news radio are you more than animals and Wyant as of today there are one hundred and nineteen confirmed cases of covert nineteen in Ohio when governor Mike DeWine is reminding you to practice proper social distancing no no extra connections and and you know what everybody's here and the same thing but it's just sometimes it's hard for us to change our our lifestyle the governor told six ten WTVN Matt McCoy it's a life saving measure to self isolate in order to protect others and congressman Brad Wenstrup agrees he says he the advice of the public health experts we can never measure what we prevented and that's one of the things you know prevention is not sexy in any way because what you're trying to do is lower our numbers the congressman who is a doctor himself says preventing the spread of the disease is critical and you need to abide by the advice of avoiding crowds and practice social distancing Kota is they have suspended fares for their transit customers starting now due to the outbreak but they also are asking other customers to board the bus through the rear doors in our order to practice social distancing they do say though if you need to use the ramp you can do so at the front our service is the backbone of our company we figure out something to do with the man behind Cameron Mitchell restaurants is shocked over the directive to close but he has and I put over four thousand of its employees out of work but Cameron Mitchell told our mark blazer he got an idea on how to help them over your certificates are very very wants to buy gift certificates online through the end of March we'll put all that money into a pool for all of our searches around the country so one hundred percent of all the money will go to help their employees by offering them paychecks essentially while they are out of work he says it's an effort to make sure they have food on their own table food banks in Ohio meanwhile are getting some help from the National Guard during the outbreak over three hundred soldiers will package and deliver meals because of a sharp drop in the number of volunteers at food banks because those volunteers are being told to stay home the soldiers will also build tents for hospitals in order for them to conduct drive it through it testing stations this news a service of legacy retirement group I'm Alison Wyant your A. B. C. six first warning weather forecast in sixty seconds hi I am Brian Greene from the basement Dr we're proud of our thirty three years helping the homeowners of all file with all their basement needs basement or crawl space problems no problem foregrounded.

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