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This is marketplace mamie scott one of the big priorities of the trump administration has been to roll rollback federal regulations viewed as unnecessary or overly burdensome the white house has had a big assist from congress and doing just that last week the president signed into law relaxing some of the restrictions on banks that were put in place after the financial crisis and last year fifteen rules were permanently erased through a fasttrack tool known as the congressional review act were cra christy clark from marketplace's wealth and poverty desk has been exploring some of the big issues behind the sierra for our documentary podcasts the uncertain our today kristie brings us a story of one of those fifteen rules concerning internet privacy this guy cameron camp knows a lot about me over the course of several days we collected about thirty million records of your interactions across the network thirty million is a lot the reason camp had collected all these records on me is because i'd recruited him for an experiment to help me understand what information my internet company my isp knows about me camp works at e set a cybersecurity firm and for this simulation he set up this little gadget i'm the guy that built the creepy thing that truck dollar traffic i hooked this creepy thing actually called a packet sniffer up to my computer it was able to collect the same information that my internet provider collects which is pretty much everything i do online that's not encrypted like me standing digitally at your front door and monitoring everything that comes in or goes out camp and my internet company can see how i work probably you collaborate with the team and i can tell too high degree who you collaborated with camp and my internet company can see what i read some of which is kind of personal that article about baby bad breath is embarrassing my baby does have bad breath i'm not here to judge and then there's the stuff that's very very personal i found an article on natural childbirth and some people that are pretty frayed of that site called scary mommy you could see what i was looking at i'm reading the article right now this is enduring and unmedicated natural birth was one of the worst experiences of my life that's just traumatic excruciating horrific it felt creepy to hear camp tell me.

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