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Hey, Queiroz, happy New Year's Cammy here. First of all, I will be as San Francisco Sach fest. Why do I have our time saying I will be at San Francisco's cuts. It's fast January twelve come on out and see me as bringing query up there. I love to meet you. I want to thank all of you who came out to live shows this year. I was all over the place all over the US is in London. So all over the world, according to an American I also want to thank everybody at air wolf and Stitcher on Jordan Duffy who did session amazing job of engineering, our episodes this year Sierra ca tau who else like who else who else? No. Without Sierra literally nothing would happen ever, including regarding this podcast. So as I just textra go what what is what is happening who might interviewing and who have I interviewed, and what's in where in is anything. Can you tell me what's going on? So Sarah's a best Trulia treasure. And so are you listeners today on this New Year's Eve, we are look? Looking back at twenty teen at all the beautiful combos. We had highlighting some faves, and we will hear from you as you hearing from us. We'll we'll catch into Winnington. How about that? Then be land. Still. No, no, no careless. Here's EMMY award winner. Lena wave talking about feeling inbetween stereotypical identities and getting queer POC lead on TV show. I never felt like I had a place in my community my sort of gay community because I wasn't super super Butch is wasn't. That's just like not my lane. But I wasn't a definitely not fim. So I was somewhere in the middle. And that kind of left me on the outs in a way away as sort it didn't know where to fit in. My demo was like straight women and gay men because I act more like a gay, man. Then I'd do I guess, quote, unquote, a, lesbian, and straight women are just sort of fascinated by me. So that was sort of like my crew, which it was really does make my friends with a lot of gay black men a lot of like straight black women. And but then if I enough when I my character was out there in the world and people kind of got to know me a lot of these lesbian sort of parliament where your dope, but you resent me, whatever and I'm like, oh, okay. Cool dove. So now, we kind of like a lot of pen pals from like on. AM and Twitter and things like that. Which I really appreciate because I feel like that's my community. But it was definitely interesting road because I'll be at closing. I'm like, I don't fit in here. Like, I don't drink. I don't have that many tattoo. I was like I don't know where I say stand. Similar ish. We're we're similar age. And so like that also means that we'll for me. Anyway, like when I was trying to figure out who I wasn't where I fit the internet wasn't yet. It was like ri- really just being built. So there wasn't an opportunity to like find people that might be more in a gray area early. Just anybody like, oh, there's a whole different. All you saw. Was you went out? That's all. Then also especially coming from. I mean, like a city like Chicago. I'm very curious as to what your experience like where you even where are you were even going because she also such a racially segregated sitting. Yeah. I mean, I we will go to boys town. But again, that's more for like, the guy's obviously has the nickname. I mean, I'm trying to think there was a knock him the names of my like, my first gay friend Armand gay black boy, but he will take them to certain places. But it's just it was never my jam..

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