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McRaney at 80 degrees Right now in downtown Orlando is 79 at Orlando's severe weather station. Safe touch. Security. Triple Team traffic, Red alert. High for West found. Where is it up there? Eric Brown for westbound. Gotta meet Land Boulevard. You gotta crash in the left lane. Still waiting on the tow truck to get out of there and clean the mess up. Come on, it's taking Yank. My forties found is slow in 27 to 5 32 Turnpike, Toby G. Kaylie to Colonial Drive at 408. Roy. Eastbound Delays begin approaching Kirkman Road continue to just before John Young Parkway. Westbound. You gotta tap on the brakes at Crystal Lake tribe in that Rosalind slowing down on the exit ramp to I four eastbound as well. And you got a crash on the 17 92 Colbun side of things just south of 4 36. A overturned vehicles got the two left lanes blocked. Only the right lane is open. We've got delays from that extending back past 4 36 to allow for extra time there. Earlier delays on 4 29 north beyond approaching the turnpike have cleared out. It's back up to speed there. Refresh computer superstore along with slash prices on all Dell and HP computers and laptops. They have the lowest prices on computers and laptops visit refresh computers dot net With traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning. We're helping you get to work on time from the Wdbo Triple team Traffic Center. I'm Ed Torrance. If you are still suffering with chronic knee pain, Phoenix Integrated Medical Center is the place to go. In fact, many other listeners have gone to their beautiful winter park facility.

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