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To the beach with me. We're saying this really nice place <hes> on Hana the furthest east part of Maui and we're standing right on the beach. I consider to go check. I wanted to show this thing I found I got her to go out to to the beach and I just yeah propose with the with like a ring on my brother make out of Sunday's. He's a welder because I had temporary. That's acute req- that's she's surprising. Does she cry. She cried. She was very surprised. She was surprised because she doesn't ever see me nervous. I actually saw him getting nervous yeah because it's like it's a big deal. It's not like stand up now. Saying truly doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things truly. If you have a bad show it's done. That's it. If you have a great show it's done. That's it or you can also so do a thing. Sometimes we're on like Oh. I need to be myself up about this experience. <hes> I've stopped doing that specifically because I was like who's helping Oh yeah shitty show and then lately lately because they've been touring a lot and I've been doing like the same act in different cities so like I know what works and what doesn't work and if it's not working with this crowd I'm like. I don't think it's the material I think you people are in a weird space so I've read a lot of material about shitty towns. I've been in yeah. There's so many places that are just you step into. This thing like this is this is all you <hes> I am bringing the best energy <hes> and doing everything I know the works guys are just being like I had the last show. I did that where I was crack thought about that. I was headlining at the what is it the the not the draft house in D._C.. Downtown <hes> this is the weekend after trump got elected. Oh God I was just reading it so much because just like what a place to be here in Washington D._C.. The air was so thick with hunt. Just you know this is such a weird shitty feeling because not even think at that point and I had to do these shows and it wasn't so bad 'cause I could address it and I could talk about along but there was just one group of people in the front row. You would see a good people where you're like. I cannot imagine how you know each other yeah. They seem like some sort of weird inbred family being a twins set in the air. This old white lady was short hair just like this thing were like what the fuck is going on here. They kept talking there in the front row. I Made Fun of <hes>. Should I get that stops but they just kept whispering. Each other like this is fucking. You're insane. <hes> people are like what's that thing that movie about the people from the hills. The hills have eyes yeah. It's like that kind of thing but they were in Washington Washington D._C.. Did you kick them out or did they. Did you let them just keep talking. I can't remember like some some some stuff like this..

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